Annika J: About My Sustainability Internship

About My Internship

By: Annika J.

Helping out one of my supervisors at UW Earth Day

There are multiple projects that I am involved with the at my internship at the UW Sustainability office. One of my main projects is helping to create the updated dash board on the UW Sustainability website. This project requires networking and data analysis which was difficult in the beginning of the internship. However, I have now developed enough skills to work on it by myself and even create instructions for the next person who will work on this project.

I’ve discovered that in order to make this project possible you really need patience. For example, not everyone you contact will reply with an immediate answer about your data and sometimes it can take several weeks before you get an answer. The data that you will need to analyze can be a confusing puzzle but with time and patience you will be able to understand the assignment that is given to you. With this ongoing project my supervisors and my advisers provided more than enough support for me to work hard and keep streamlining my project and improving my work ethics and goals. If I ever had troubles contacting people for the project my supervisor would step in and email/call my contact to streamline my project. I consider the dashboard project my main project since I have been working on it relentlessly for the past months. I have learned the environmental impact we have as a campus on the earth and how it can lead to different health conflicts.

One of my favorite ongoing projects is the preparation for the Sustainability Festival. During Dawg Daze, the UW Sustainability branch begins advertising for the Sustainability Festival that will occur in mid-October. My supervisor and I are currently contacting different exhibitors to see what they can bring to the table for our festival. Planning these events require me to be detail-oriented and they can sometimes be stressful, but I love reaching out to new exhibitors to see what they are doing that is both environmentally conscious and helpful to our health.

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