Hien N.: About My Internship with Snohomish Health District

About My Internship with Snohomish Health District

By Hien N.

I’ll be interning at Snohomish Health District in Everett, Washington for 10 weeks. As an intern, I will shadow environmental health specialists throughout the field. One project I know I’ll be working on is a risk factor study on temporary event violations; this project will show what the common violations are at temporary events such as carnivals, fairs, and others.

I will most likely be assigned to more projects throughout my internship in other sections of the environmental health division. I will work with a large number of people at Snohomish Health District; I don’t think I’ll have a specific mentor. However, I know there will be people I work with more than others, so they are like mentors.

I’m most excited to learn more about daily environmental health–the knowledge and expertise that everyday health specialists use to do their jobs. I still haven’t taken every core environmental health class yet, so I’m excited to learn from this internship what I can’t learn in classes.

This is my first internship. Because it is brand new to me, I’m nervous about this overall experience. I guess I’m most nervous about a new environment with new people. However, I get along with others readily, so I don’t think making friends with people will be a challenge.

This internship has been an option for UW environmental health students for a while now. They like to host multiple interns from UW each summer. I was the only intern they are hosting this summer. I found this internship through emails and the DEOHS portal page. They sent out letters that included details about the internship, I emailed the email listed with my cover letter and resume. Soon, I received an email back for an interview and moved on from there.

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