Meet Our Interns: Darcy V.

First Impressions of My Summer Internship

By Darcy

My first impressions about my internship at Marine Group Boat Works is that it is small, family-run, and everyone is very close-knit. I also immediately recognized their commitment to environmental sustainability and I am already very impressed with their numerous green initiatives. I did not think that a shipyard would have particularly sustainable practices, but I quickly learned that I was very wrong. The environment is a top priority to MGBW and their primary green initiatives include a solar powered boat yard, a fleet of electric cars, 100% reclamation of storm water runoff, and enclosed sandblasting and painting to prevent hazardous emissions.

My colleagues are all very welcoming and I can tell they want me to learn and succeed. All of my colleagues are very open to letting me join any projects I have interest in and I have already had several people approach me about working with them, which is super exciting. I can tell that the work I am doing will have a real impact on the organization, and I cannot wait to get started! I am excited to get to know the company better, learn more about their sustainability initiatives, and be able to promote the positive impact MGBW has on the environment. I am also excited to work with the environmental and safety compliance team to see the field come to life and learn how to find risks as well as mitigate them. However, I know I have a lot to learn about the marketing aspects of my internship, and I am also a little hesitant about having to approach people working on the boats if they are in violation of an environmental or safety protocol. However, I’m excited for this internship, the people I will work with, and the projects I will get to take part in!

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