How I Found My Rural Public Environmental Health Internship

How I Found My Rural Public Environmental Health Internship

By Amanda D.

When I started looking for an internship last fall, I was initially overwhelmed with how much there was to manage. The first thing I did was start a spreadsheet to keep track of my internship search. I gathered information about the internships I was interested in, including details like their location, a description, and if there were deadlines to apply. As the process continued, I continued updating the spreadsheet when I found new internships, applied for positions, and when I heard back from the organizations. This system helped me stay organized and allowed me to stay on top of the whole process. When I’m looking for a “real job” next year, I’m sure I will use this tool again as well.

During the process I applied to what felt like a million different internships. The one opportunity that panned out for me was with two professors that I had previously had classes with. I found out that they were interested in working with me and so I applied to their internship program. I would definitely recommend getting to know your professors and always putting your best foot forward in class because they often have projects available to their students. By participating in class and turning in my best work, I was able to make a good impression on them which helped me get this internship. After I selected, my experience really highlighted to me the importance of networking. I will take this lesson with me as I move forward.

The community I’m in is very rural! There are about 900 people living in this town. Here is the view from my house on one of the days when the air quality was not very good.

I’m really glad that I ended up in my internship because this experience has been very rewarding so far. I’m enjoying living in a rural community because it is so different that anything I’ve ever done before. When I initially started looking for internships, I had my mind set on staying in Seattle for the summer. I think it’s important to be open to different locations because it is a great opportunity to experience a totally different way of life.

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