Meet Our Interns: Iman A.

How I found my Internship

By Iman A.

Iman in her cubicle

My internship search began fall quarter 2017 in the internship prep class. I made a spreadsheet of the all the internships I was interested in, both in and out of state. I was initially overwhelmed with my search, so I put it off until winter quarter. I was very particular about the type of internship I wanted to do. Although some might just see this as a departmental requirement, I was thinking of my potential internship as the first step toward my career after graduation. I remember going to Hayley’s office quite a bit during that time for advice on my resume, as well as on other school and career related topics. One day she mentioned that L&I would be coming to our department to do an information session and conduct interviews for a few summer internship positions. At first, I just wanted to go to the info session and get a feel for what L&I was all about. I had heard a bit about them in my construction safety class and was intrigued by the type of work that they did. After talking more with Hayley, I ended up sending in my resume. To prepare for my interview, I did some more research on L&I and specifically the Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH). I prepared some answers for possible interview questions and did practiced interviewing by doing a mock interview with Diane, the NSBE (National Society of Black Engineers) career advisor. With targeted interview advice from both Hayley and Diane, I was able to successfully pass my interview and land an internship at L&I DOSH! One piece of advice for future students would be to have your resume and cover letter ready at all times because you never know when your ideal internship will pop up. Also, the sooner you start your internship search the less stressful it’ll be, so start early to save yourself the trouble.

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