Meet Our Interns: Sarah H.

First impressions at My EHS Internship

By Sarah H.

On my first day of work, I arrived at my internship thirty minutes early.  I did not know what the traffic would be like (LA traffic is unpredictable), and I knew that the parking garage was about a ten-minute walk from the building.  The night before, I tried on different outfits, making sure that I looked appropriately dressed in business casual.  Once I arrived at the building, I waited in the lobby because I was told all the new interns were going to meet there for a welcome day.  When everyone arrived, we went into a conference room, had a meet and greet, and were shown a “What is Beautycounter?” presentation.  We went around the room saying where we were from, our major, and what internship we had.  Next, we were shown the presentation to learn about Beautycounter and its mission. Beautycounter’s goal is “to get safer products into the hands of everyone.”  I did not know this before, but many cosmetic ingredients are not regulated.  Products can contain very harmful ingredients that can cause health issues.  In the EU, they have over 1,400 banned chemicals, but in the US, there are only thirty!  Beautycounter is not only making safer products, but also fighting to ban more harmful chemicals.  This presentation was very moving to me, because Beautycounter I related to the company’s goals. They identified a problem with the beauty industry, and not only are they working to make safer products, but they are taking the next steps of lobbying in D.C. against these toxic chemicals.   After this presentation, I met my manager and the rest of the Environmental Health and Safety Team.  The EHS team works closely with Product Development as well as Project Management, so I met all the team members.  Everyone was very warm and welcoming.  The three departments all went for lunch together to welcome the new interns, which also gave me a chance to meet the interns I will work closely with this summer.  My first impression of Beautycounter made me excited for my summer to begin.  I was looking forward to working with everyone and being a part of a positive change in the beauty industry.

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