How I Got My Internship by Mariah

Before applying to my internships, I first had multiple people look over my documents I was submitting, mainly my resume and cover letter. I first went to my friends, then my parents, and Hayley to review and help clean up my documents. This really helped my application process.

I started my internship search in September, applying to many positions. I believe I applied to 8 in total. I ended up hearing back from four, two saying I did not get the position and two inviting me for interviews that eventually turned into offers. The internship that I am currently at, Ramboll Environ, actually was an internship for full time winter quarter. I learned that during my interview, and I mentioned to them that I would be willing to work part time during the school year then full time during the summer. They seemed to like that idea, and within two days they contacted me again for a follow up interview for the part time position. The following week I was contacted again saying I got the position, then a month later was given a contract to start part time spring quarter and full time in the summer.

One tip I would give to future students is to start applying early. Many companies take a while to hear back from, but it is nice to get your applications out of the way before midterms or finals take up a lot of your time. Another tip I would give is to apply to many positions and take any opportunity you can get to interview. I didn’t hear back from half of the places I applied to and got rejected from two more. Out of the two interviews I was offered, I decided to take both, as I wanted more interview practice. Interviewing with two organizations helped lessen the pressure and anxiety, and I liked the practice and opportunity of being interviewed by a large company.

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