Jenny: About the JRCOSTEP Internship Application

About the JRCOSTEP Internship Application

By Jenny P.

I first heard of JRCOSTEP during the internship prep class when a student who had done it the previous year came in to share her experience. She talked about her work with the Native American communities in Montana, which immediately piqued my interest dueto my own experience working with Native American children in Idaho. Although I frequently checked the internship page on the department site, I did not see an internship I wanted to do as much as JRCOSTEP. I did apply to a couple of other internships. I knew that the JRCOSTEP application process was long, but I was still surprised at how much work it required. There were many instances during the process where I felt like giving up because I did not think I could get my application together in time. The day the application was due was one of the most stressful days of my life. That morning I was at the doctor’s office in my hometown getting my physical exam done. I also had to stop by several banks to find one that could notarize a form for me. After I finally mailed out my completed application, I had to rush to class to take my physics final.

My biggest tip for future students who are interested in JRCOSTEP is to start the application process early. There are many different forms you will need to complete, and they can be really confusing. If you are unsure whether a form is required or not, it probably is. Contact the call center if you have any questions, and also reach out to past students.

Do not let the lengthy application discourage you from applying. JRCOSTEP has been an invaluable experience for me, and I am sure that it will be for you too!

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