Raymond: About My Internship with Samsung

About My Internship with Samsung

By Raymond L.

For my internship, I worked at Samsung Semiconductor Inc. in San Jose, California. During my internship, I worked with my manager to make sure that the company follows all regulations set by the state and federal government. I will be responsible for managing hazard communication, informing employees of confined spaces, and assisting audits. I am excited about learning how an audit is performed in the work field and increasing my knowledge about OSHA regulations.

On my first day, I was really surprised by the size of the campus, and the number of amenities it offered to employees. There was an arcade room, gym, and a cafeteria. There are a lot of vending machines place around campus for snacks. I did not expect these many amenities in the workplace, but it does promote work life balance lifestyle since the employees can take a break from working.

Raymond gives a presentation on his internship project to employees at Samsung.

I completed an informational interview with my coworker, and he mentioned he had a bachelor’s in chemical engineering. He said he realized how similar the two fields of chemical engineering and environmental health and safety were, so he went to graduate school for environmental health and safety. He said that he got most of his experience through jobs in consulting, and consulting is a good way to gain some good skills for your resume.

I plan to establish and manage the hazardous chemical database for two Samsung sites, and create safety data sheet binders for employees to view. Also, I had to identify areas with confined spaces, so I can label these spaces to warn employees. I facilitated the administration of site emergency guide questionnaires for six Samsung sites, and addressed any questions they may have in the questionnaire.

I found this internship through indeed, and using the Google search engine. I learned that keeping the job description was helpful for interviews because some jobs take down the description when they interview candidates, so referring back to the job description was really helpful for me. I got my internship by catering my resume to the position, and practicing a lot for the interview process. One thing I did not expect was that a lot of employers don’t respond to your application or they take an extremely long time. Some tips I have for people looking for internships would be to keep applying for jobs early on, and go to Hayley’s office to practice for your interview or to review your resume.

My internship impacted others by keeping employees informed of hazards, so that they can make it back home safely. I was able to help Samsung avoid fines from the government because not having a hazard communication in a workplace is an offense. This experience impacted me because I have more experience that I can put down on my resume, and I have a better understanding of what an environmental health specialist does.

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