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Duo: Finding My Food Safety Internship

Finding My Food Safety Internship

By Duo G.

This summer, I will intern at Mars Global Food Safety Center, located in my hometown of Beijing, China. My internship supervisor is the global analytical research manager of the center. The Mars Global Food Safety Center opened in September 2015. It aims to increase scientific understanding and capability in an effort to ensure safe food for all through knowledge capture, knowledge generation, and knowledge sharing. It has two main laboratories – the microbiology lab and the analytical lab.

Duo in the analytical instrumentation room at Mars Global Food Safety Center.

I will work in the analytical lab together with the scientists in Global Food Safety Center. My work will focus on solving food safety issues, which include aflatoxin mitigation and food adulteration. I will have the opportunity to spend time working with different scientists for different research projects.

What I am most excited about is the opportunity to bring my knowledge and skills learnt from school into the real world. I am excited to work with the scientists in this industrial setting outside the university. As a triple major in environmental health, chemistry, and biochemistry, I am also really excited that this internship can strongly utilize and integrate my studies in all my three majors. As this is my first internship, I am also a little nervous about what my daily work will be, if there is a huge difference between school and the work, and if I can make good relationships with my colleagues.

My experience getting this internship was different than most of my classmates’. During the early stage of my internship search, I mainly focused on internship opportunities in the US. However, my search and application did not go very smoothly. I was not interested in some of the internships posted and I was feeling frustrated by the slow responses from the internships I did apply for. I decided to browse and apply for internships back in China. Many of the positions in China seemed to be much more interesting to me, and the application processes were much easier and quicker than the American ones. The internship search and application processes only took me about three days on the first week of my summer break and I received responses very quickly in the same week, some even the following day after I sent out my application. Right after my phone interviews, I received several offers. Among these, I chose this internship at Mars Global Food Safety Center. After I confirmed their offer, I booked my flight back to China and officially started my internship in Beijing in the following week.