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Annika J: About My Sustainability Internship

About My Internship

By: Annika J.

Helping out one of my supervisors at UW Earth Day

There are multiple projects that I am involved with the at my internship at the UW Sustainability office. One of my main projects is helping to create the updated dash board on the UW Sustainability website. This project requires networking and data analysis which was difficult in the beginning of the internship. However, I have now developed enough skills to work on it by myself and even create instructions for the next person who will work on this project.

I’ve discovered that in order to make this project possible you really need patience. For example, not everyone you contact will reply with an immediate answer about your data and sometimes it can take several weeks before you get an answer. The data that you will need to analyze can be a confusing puzzle but with time and patience you will be able to understand the assignment that is given to you. With this ongoing project my supervisors and my advisers provided more than enough support for me to work hard and keep streamlining my project and improving my work ethics and goals. If I ever had troubles contacting people for the project my supervisor would step in and email/call my contact to streamline my project. I consider the dashboard project my main project since I have been working on it relentlessly for the past months. I have learned the environmental impact we have as a campus on the earth and how it can lead to different health conflicts.

One of my favorite ongoing projects is the preparation for the Sustainability Festival. During Dawg Daze, the UW Sustainability branch begins advertising for the Sustainability Festival that will occur in mid-October. My supervisor and I are currently contacting different exhibitors to see what they can bring to the table for our festival. Planning these events require me to be detail-oriented and they can sometimes be stressful, but I love reaching out to new exhibitors to see what they are doing that is both environmentally conscious and helpful to our health.

Meet our 2017 Summer Intern: Annika J.

Welcome to the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences’s Internship blog! Over the next few weeks we will feature several students within DEOHS who are completing internships in the field.

How Did You Get Your Internship?

Intern: Annika J.

Helping out one of my supervisors at UW Earth Day

This is actually quite a funny story.

I applied to a position as a Project Assistant at the UW Sustainability office in early Fall 2016. After a great interview, I was not selected for this position after another candidate outweighed me with their skills and experience. I personally thought I connected with my interviewer and thought the interview went very well, so I was disappointed to learn I did not get the job. After my interviewer told me that the position had been offered to another candidate, she told me to contact her in the future for any available position in her office.

Time went by and I started applying to different internships to fulfill my graduation requirement for my degree. I applied to about 2 internships a week and had some interview offers, but was looking for the right opportunity where I could fulfill my internship requirement at an organization that met my interests.

As summer approached, I started to get nervous. I wanted to have an internship settled before summer and I did not have any leads. I started to think about other places and ways I could find an internship. I remembered the UW Sustainability office and I decided to shoot an email to my interviewer from fall. Even if she turned me down for a position in her office the first round, I was not going to let my pride take away an opportunity that may lead to an internship.

I sent her a message and I patiently waited for her response.

She emailed me back the next day and she told me that she needed an Environmental Health Intern for her office. From my past interview with her, she said I was a perfect candidate for her intern position. So, I was selected for this exciting opportunity to be a UW Sustainability and Environmental Health Intern.

Completion of one part of the Dashboard Project for Green House Gas Health effects

This opportunity has taught me “don’t give up” and to “always stay persistent.” I may have been rejected once, but it didn’t mean that the interviewer didn’t like me as a candidate. The position I have now is actually a better fit for me than the position that I had applied for in early fall. Always email your supervisors for a follow up and do not be discouraged if you don’t get a position on the first round.

For future Environmental Health Undergraduate students, I strongly recommend you apply to as many positions as you can but also make sure that you will enjoy the internship as well. This internship is not only a graduation credit but it is also an opportunity for you to really explore your future career.