Diversity Minor Blog

April 9, 2018

ASUW Jobs – On Campus Employment Opportunities

Every Spring ASUW hires our 55+ paid positions for the next academic year.  ASUW provides unparalleled experience for students to serve others and collaborate with different parts of the campus community. As employees, students gain real-world experiences and learn the necessary skills to function in a collaborative and professional work environment.
ASUW offers positions ranging from 10-25 hours a week across 25 entities. 
They have paid positions in various fields including:
– Technology
– Activism and Civic Engagement
– Diversity and Advocacy
– Government Relations
– Music and Entertainment
– Finance and Business Operations 
– Office Administration 
– Human Resouces 
– Communications
and MORE
Students can apply on jobs.asuw.org.  Applications are open through April and May. The first round of applications close April 8th!