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April 9, 2018

SLS and Preferred Name/Gender Marker Changes

UW Student Legal Services (SLS) is an on-campus law office that offers FREE40-minute consultations on a multitude of legal matters. SLS provides a safe and confidential space for all UW-Seattle students who have legal questions or concerns. SLS is located in HUB 306.

The UW ID Center is offering free Husky card exchanges from April 2 through June 1 to those who would like their preferred name listed. After this limited time waiver period, the standard $25 replacement fee for name change reprints of Husky Cards will be in effect. More information about this announcement can be seen here: hfs.uw.edu/Husky-Card-Services/FAQ.

If your name and/or gender marker on your government issued identification does not match who you really are and you would like to change those documents you need to file a court case. You can schedule a free 40 minute appointment with Student Legal Services to learn more about this process. You can even hire SLS to file the case for you for a fee of $15 per hour for the time we work on the case.

Attached is a digital copy of thebrochure.

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UW Student Legal Services

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Seattle, WA 98195-2236

VM 206.543.6486

FAX 206.543.3808