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April 30, 2018

Exciting GWSS Course: Gender, Migration & Education: The Immigrant Latina Experience

Check out this awesome course being offered this summer quarter!

GWSS 290: Special Topics

 Gender, Migration & Education: The Immigrant Latina Experience

Course Description

“In 2017 the number of international migrants reached 258 million, with women accounting for 48 percent”  (United Nations)

This course is a critical examination of the changing social, economic, and political factors propelling Latin American origin women into transnational migration. Utilizing an intersectional lens we will explore the migration process from Latin America to the United States, drawing substantially on the work of feminist interdisciplinary scholars who have innovated, and disrupted traditional migration theories, which previously ignored the importance of gender in their studies.  This course is divided into two sections in order to best cover historical and contemporary intersectional experiences of migration from Latin America.  The first will examine recent migration waves from Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central America by providing political and economic historical context on gendered and racialized nation-state policies shaping transnational migration. Secondly through a feminist decolonizing approach we will center on social and family formations paying close attention to labor & education.

Instructor: Elizabeth Ramirez Arreola

Summer Full Term

MW 10:50-1:00

SLN 14479