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April 30, 2018

Week 6 and 7 Small Group Career Coaching

Week 6 & 7 Small Group Career Coaching:


How to Talk About Yourself (All A&S Majors): Monday, April 30th from 3-3:45pm in Guthrie 057

Talking about yourself and sharing what you are good at can be a challenge. But it is also a skill you need to be successful at networking and interviewing. Join me for a small group career coaching session where we’ll discuss strategies for sharing your strengths, skills, and interests so you’ll be ready to go the next time someone says “Tell me about yourself.”

Registration here.


Playing to Your Strengths in the Natural Sciences: Wednesday, May 9th from 3:30-4:15 in Guthrie 211

The top three skills employers desire include critical thinking, communication, and teamwork/collaboration. These are the exact skills you’ve developed as students in the natural sciences. In this session, we’ll discuss how to talk about your science background, connect your experiences, translate your skills to whatever might come next.

Registration here.


For more information about Small Group Career Coaching, visit https://careers.uw.edu/career-coaching.