Group members

Current group members

Dr. Daniel Jaffe
Principal investigator
Office: 425-352-5357
Fax: 425-352-5233

Noah Bernays
Lab technician
Office: 425-352-5106

Dr. Honglian Gao
Research assistant
Office: 425-352-3533

Dee Ann Lommers-Johnson
Program coordinator
Office: 425-352-3533
Fax: 425-352-5233

Dr. Nathaniel May
Post-doctoral research associate

Dr. Matthew Ninneman
Post-doctoral research associate

Group alumni

Dr. Pao Baylon
PhD student, graduated 2017
Current position: Air quality analyst 3
Department of Environmental Quality
Boise, Idaho

Dr. Praphulla Chandra Boggarapu
Post-doctoral research associate 2018-2020
Current position: Assistant professor
Current affiliation: Chemistry Department, Sri Satya Institute of Higher Learning
Puttaparthi, India

Dr. Nicole Wigder Briggs
PhD student, graduated 2014
Current position: Senior air quality scientist
Seattle, WA

Claire Buysse
MS student, graduated 2019

Dr. Duli Chand
Post-doctoral fellow
Current position: Scientist
Current affiliation: Atmospheric Sciences & Global Change Division
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Richland, WA

Dr. Emily Fischer
PhD student, graduated 2010
Current position:  Associate Professor
Current affiliation: Colorado State University

Dr. Xi Gong
Visiting graduate student 2015-2017
Wuhan University, Wuhan, China

Dr. Lynne Gratz
Post-doctoral fellow 2012-2015
Current position: Assistant professor
Current affiliation: Colorado College
Colorado Springs, CO

Jonathan Hee
Research technologist 2009-2017

Ryan Kangas
Research technologist 2007-2010
Current position: Senior air quality scientist
Current affiliation: SLR Consulting, Canada
Calgary, Alberta

Dr. Robert Kotchenruther
PhD student, graduated 2001
Current position: Scientist
Current affiliation: U.S. EPA

Dr. James Laing
Post-doctoral research associate 2016-2019
Current position: Senior Air Monitoring Specialist
Current affiliation: Washington State Department of Ecology
Seattle, WA

Dr. Seth Lyman
Post-doctoral fellow 2009-2011
Current position: Research associate professor & Director Bingham Research Center
Current affiliation: Utah State University
Vernal, UT

Dr. Crystal McClure
PhD student, graduated 2018
Current position: Atmospheric scientist
Sonoma Technology
Petaluma, CA

Dr. Heather Price
PhD student, graduated 2004
Current position: Chemistry faculty
Current affiliation: North Seattle Community College
Seattle, WA

Dr. David Reidmiller
PhD student, graduated 2010
Current position: Climate scientist
Current affiliation: US Global Change Research Program

Samuel Shupe
Research technologist 2011-2012
Current position: Physics lab coordinator
Current affiliation: UW Bothell School of STEM
Bothell, WA

Dr. Phil Swartzendruber
PhD student, graduated 2009
Current position: Air quality scientist
Current affiliation: Puget Sound Clean Air Agency
Seattle, WA

Dr. Hilkka Timonen
Research associate 2012-2013
Current position: Senior research scientist
Current affiliation: Finnish Meteorological Institute
Helsinki, Finland

Dr. Lei Zhang
Postdoctoral fellow 2015-2017
Current position: Associate professor
Current affiliation: School of the Environment, Nanjing University
Nanjing, Jiangsu, China