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Purple reigns for new PhDs

Let me introduce you to our newest graduates, Dr. Crystal McClure and Dr. Pao Baylon! A few raindrops didn’t diminish their sunny smiles and the cheering crowd as they marched at the University of Washington’s graduation on June 9, 2018. We celebrate your success and are so excited for both of you!

Pao is employed at the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality in Boise. Crystal will begin a post-doctoral fellowship at UC Davis in August.

Congrats to Dr. Crystal McClure, newest PhD graduate in the Jaffe Group

Best wishes to Crystal McClure for the successful defense of her PhD dissertation on May 7, 2018! Her dissertation—titled Impacts of Biomass Burning on Ozone, Particulate Matter, and Carbon Dioxide in the Northwest U.S.—capped 7 years of solid work in the Jaffe Group.

Dan Jaffe and Crystal McClure celebrate her PhD defense

Dan Jaffe and Crystal McClure celebrate her PhD defense

Crystal is the first author on 2 published papers, 1 recently accepted paper, and 1 paper currently in review. (See her papers on the Publications page.) Later this summer, she will begin a post-doctoral fellowship at UC Davis with Chris Cappa that focuses on the optical properties of black carbon from wildfires.

Crystal offered some sage advice for students, and all of us: “Setbacks are part of the journey. Learn to embrace them and you’ll find that you learn and benefit more from your failures than your successes.” We are so excited for you, Crystal, and will miss you!

16 papers published in 2016!

2016 was a record year for papers for the Jaffe Group. This year, group members were first authors of 5 papers and contributing authors of 11 more papers, for a total of 16 papers.

The following are the group’s first-authored papers of 2016:

  • Pao Baylon et al., Interannual variability in baseline ozone and its relationship to surface ozone in the western U.S.
  • Nicole Briggs et al., Particulate matter, ozone, and nitrogen species in aged wildfire plumes observed at the Mount Bachelor Observatory
  • Lynne Gratz et al., Airborne observations of mercury emissions from the Chicago/Gary urban/industrial area during the 2013 NOMADSS campaign
  • James Laing et al., Physical and optical properties of aged biomass burning aerosol from wildfires in Siberia and the Western USA at the Mt. Bachelor Observatory
  • Crystal McClure et al., Carbon dioxide in the free troposphere and boundary layer at the Mt. Bachelor Observatory

See the Publications page for a full list of our published papers.