DPP Ancillary Studies

The first ancillary study conducted with the DPP cohort was the Daily Study.  Dr. Cynthia Flynn, PhD, Principal Investigator on this study, was funded by Seattle Children’s Hospital to recruit 250 DPP participants in their 9th grade school year to complete daily diaries of both the stresses and the emotional highs and lows they experienced.

Three ancillary studies were funded in 2010, a secondary analysis R-01 from the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (Cari McCarty, PhD, PI) to study associations between depression and alcohol use trajectories over the course of adolescence and a Klingenstein Young Investigator Award (Gretchen Gudmundsen, PhD, PI) to conduct physiological assessments of an informative subset of the DPP cohort. We have also received a Royalty Research Fund award (Ann Vander Stoep, PhD, PI) and a Seattle Children’s Hospital CTTR Award (Ann Vander Stoep & Elizabeth McCauley, Co-PIs) to genotype members of the DPP cohort to study genetic polymorphisms associated with depression and conduct problems.

In 2011 we obtained pilot funds from the University of Washington Alcohol and Drug Abuse Institute (Ann Vander Stoep & Elizabeth McCauley, Co-PI’s) to implement the methods proposed in the NIAAA project studying persistent heavy alcohol use during the transition to young adulthood with the first DPP cohort of young adults.  We have implemented the pilot study, interviewing 42 DPP participants at age 21-22 years.

In fall 2012 we obtained funding from the Loeb Family Foundation to conduct young adult interviews with another 100 DPP participants.  The young adult study combines online and in-person data collection.