Evidence-based Treatment Training and Consultation for School-based Mental Health Counselors

Since 2005, the Developmental Pathways Research Program investigators have worked with the Seattle/King County Health Department to provide training and consultation to the 18 school-based mental health counselors in Seattle Public Schools Teen Health and Wellness Centers.  Their aim is to facilitate the utilization of elements of evidence-based treatments in school-based mental health counselors’ therapeutic encounters with students.  This work has involved convening the counselors for workshops and monthly case consultations and encouraging their participation in monthly Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Grand Rounds presentations and other university-sponsored clinician training events.  In 2009 we began to implement the Managing and Adapting Practice System, developed by Dr. Bruce Chorpita of UCLA, as a way to support SBMHC’s learning and use of elements of evidence-based practice.  An evaluation is being conducted to track use of these elements and student’s progress in treatment.  In 2012 we received funding from the Department of Education to develop and implement a brief school-based intervention to address emotional health problems that interfere with academic performance.