1. Universal screening for emotional distress during the middle school transition
  2. Cognitive features associated with depressive symptoms in adolescence: Directionality and specificity
  3. What explains the relation between family poverty and childhood depressive symptoms?
  4. Passive versus active parental permission: Implications for the ability of school-based depression screening to reach youth at risk
  5. Measurement matters in the association between early adolescent depressive symptoms and body mass index
  6. Social competence and social support as mediators between comorbid depressive and conduct problems and functional outcomes in middle school children
  7. Cost-effectiveness of a school-based emotional health screening program
  8. Thoughts of Death and Suicide in Early Adolescence
  9. The case for school-based depression screening: Evidence from established programs
  10. Validity of the Short Mood and Feelings Questionnaire and one- and two-item depression screens in young adolescents
  11. A latent class analysis of depressive and externalizing symptoms in nonreferred adolescents
  12. Toward successful implementation of evidence-based practices:  Characterizing the intervention context of counselors in school-based health centers
  13. Risk for suicidal ideation and suicide attempts associated with co-occurring depression and conduct problems in early adolescence
  14. The association between temperament and depressive symptoms in adolescence: brooding and reflection as potential mediators
  15. Modular psychotherapy for youth with internalizing problems: Implementation with therapists in school-based health centers
  16. Emotional health predictors of substance use initiation during middle school
  17. Measurement equivalence across racial/ethnic groups of the Mood and Feelings Questionnaire for childhood depression
  18. Developmental consistency in associations between depressive symptoms and alcohol use in early adolescence
  19. Identifying comorbid depression and disruptive behavior disorders: Comparison of two approaches used in adolescent studies
  20. Associations between household and neighborhood income and anxiety symptoms in young adolescents
  21. Disparities in children’s mental health service use: The impact of language spoken at home
  22. Callous-unemotional traits as unique prospective risk factors for substance use in early adolescent boys and girls
  23. How to identify students for school-based depression intervention: Can school record review be substituted for universal depression screening?
  24. Patterns and predictors of mental healthcare utilization in schools and other service sectors among adolescents at risk for depression

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