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Project partnership and support

The University of Washington’s School of Environmental and Forest Sciences

The Ohio State University’s Forest Ecosystem Restoration and Ecology Lab

Mid-Columbia River National Wildlife Refuge Complex (USFWS)

Department of Defense Legacy Resource Management Program

Joint Fire Science Program


Background information

Fires@ALE: Previous research on sagebrush-steppe on ALE

Hanford Reach National Monument: A USFWS page describing the ecology and management of ALE and the Monument as a whole

Ecology of the Columbia Basin: A PNNL page describing common plants and animals in the region, as well as links to summary reports on sagebrush-steppe restoration on ALE


Related research and resources

SAGEMAP: a USGS-managed GIS database for sagegrouse and shrub-steppe management in the Intermountain West

SageSTEP: a long-term regional experiment evaluating methods of sagebrush-steppe restoration in the Great Basin

Sage-Grouse Habitat Assessment Framework: a BLM report on quantifying sage-grouse habitat suitability at multiple scales