Project EMAR

July 25, 2019

Project EMAR Hellos and Goodbyes for Summer, 2019


Project EMAR involves many students throughout the year and the end of spring quarter is always a bittersweet moment when we have to say goodbye. In addition, several new brilliant students will be joining or continuing to work on the project. 

Graduates: Four of our core Project EMAR student team graduated from UW this year

Headshot of Rachel Ren

Rachel Ren – Rachel joined EMAR as a directed research group student in 2017. She was then offered an undergraduate research assistantship which she held from Fall, 2017 until she graduated in Spring, 2019. Rachel majored in Human Centered Design & Engineering at UW Seattle and was a wonderful contributor to the EMAR project team and always brought a positive attitude to all of her work. Her wicked design skills came in handy to design our High School Design Challenge poster and logo as well as many research posters. Rachel is working as a UX designer for Avanade and we will stay in touch to see what her future holds!

Headshot of Ada Kim

Ada Kim was a graduate research assistant from the Fall of 2017 through the summer of  2018. She then graduated with her Master’s degree from the Information School at UW Seattle. Ada helped to develop and launch the Robot Designer game in virtual reality, allowing teens to co-design and interact with social robots. She is still very interested in collaboration in VR and is on the hunt for the perfect virtual reality design/education position. 

Headshot of Honson Ling

Honson Ling joined EMAR as a National Science Foundation Research and Education of Undergraduates student in the summer of 2018. Honson pursued a double degree in Sociology and Psychology at UW Seattle and had a strong interest in EMAR. He conducted his own study exploring human and robot disclosure. He made a valuable contributing to Project EMAR by bringing his sociology/psychology interests in to teen-robot interaction. Luckily, Honson was accepted to the Master’s in Human-Centered Design and Engineering program at UW and will hopefully stay connected to Project EMAR as a master’s student in the fall.

Headshot of Christina Nelson

Christina Nelson, joined Project EMAR in Fall 2018 and worked on the project until June 2019. Christina was an undergraduate research assistant on EMAR at UW Tacoma where she was a Writing Studies major with a focus on Technical Communication. Christina played several key roles during her time on the project including working on the Design Challenge and being the liaison to Foss High School in Tacoma and Chief Leschi in Puyallup. She also brought her writing and editing skills to the project as the Editor of the Project EMAR blog. She also helped manage the UW Tacoma Directed Research Group in Winter 2019 and Spring 2019. We’ll miss Christina’s positivity and joy on the project and wish her the best of luck as she starts out in the tech industry working as a content editor for CuraCloud, a startup specializing in healthcare and AI.

Incoming students: We have quite a few students who have joined us recently, including undergraduates and graduates.

Headshot of Nick Armstrong

Nick Armstrong – Nick is an undergraduate student in CSE who has joined Project EMAR this summer to explore movement and haptics. Nick has a lot of experience in building robots and is a TA for the Engineering Design courses at UW Seattle.

Headshot of Ghislain Bugingo

Ghislain Bugingo – Ghislain is an undergraduate Data Science major at UW. Ghislain joined Project EMAR this summer to help develop the end-user programming platform to control EMAR.

Headshot Rachel Sitt

Rachel Sitt – Rachel Sitt is a first year CSE student.  Rachel joined the team this summer and is gaining experience with VR and EMAR.

Headshot of Suchi Sridhar

Suchi Sridhar – Suchi is an undergraduate student at UW Seattle majoring in Computer Science and Philosophy. She joined Project EMAR in June to help design and build a website for teens to give feedback about EMAR throughout our design process. She is passionate about the intersection of computer science and design, data science, and creating technology for social good.

Headshot of Cyrus Majd

Cyrus Majd – Cyrus is a part-time Master’s student in Human-Centered Design and Engineering at UW Seattle who has joined Project EMAR this summer to work on the haptics and movement team. He is currently a Flight Deck UX Design Engineer at The Boeing Company. Prior to his starting his Master’s program, Cyrus completed his undergraduate degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering, and worked as an Avionics Design Engineer at Boeing.

Headshot of Stefanie Guerogueiva

Stefanie Gueroguieva – Stefanie is a Master’s student in Human-Centered Design and Engineering at UW Seattle who has joined Project EMAR this summer to work on EMAR’s voice and sound platform. Prior to starting her Master’s program, Stefanie completed her undergraduate degree in Fine Art and German with a minor in International Business. She is passionate about designing for social impact and accessibility.

Headshot of Kevin Kuehn

Kevin Kuehn – Kevin is a Ph.D. student in clinical psychology at UW Seattle with a strong background in Dialectical Behavior Therapy. Kevin is collaborating on our Emotional Clarity platform development and testing.

Headshot of Anna Choi

Anna Maria Choi  – Anna has been working with on Project EMAR since Winter 2019. A recent graduate with a degree in Communication from UW Tacoma, Anna joined the project this summer as an undergraduate researcher and is working this summer on a series of focus groups with educators to gather their ideas about social robots in schools.

Headshot of Meredith Fife

Meredith Fife – Meredith has also been working with Project EMAR since Winter 2019 and is helping Anna with the focus groups. She recently graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Writing Studies from UW Tacoma and will start in the masters program for Human-Centered Design and Engineering at UW Seattle this fall. In addition to working on the focus groups, she will be taking over as the blog editor for the EMAR blog.

Headshot of Chris Sim

Chris Sim – Chris is a senior at UW Tacoma majoring in Communication. Chris is passionate about UX and joins Project EMAR to help design and develop the Living Lab.