I don’t have all of the qualifications listed in the announcement.  Should I still apply?

  • If you have most of the qualifications, it is often still a good idea to apply.  Note that most internship and job announcements list both “required” and “preferred” qualifications.  In your cover letter and your resume, it will be your job to highlight your strengths and persuade the sponsor that you would be a strong candidate for the internship even if you don’t have all of the skills or experience they are seeking.  Talk with a Humanities Academic Services (HAS) adviser about the internship posting if you’re unsure.

I have been applying for many internships but no one has responded to me.  What am I doing wrong?

  • You may not be doing anything wrong.  Some internships are highly competitive and attract a large applicant pool.  Persistence often pays off, so don’t allow yourself to become discouraged.  You might also consider applying for less competitive positions to gain some experience to put on your resume, or getting involved in volunteer work, campus leadership, student groups, etc.  You are welcome to bring your resume and cover letter in to the HAS center or the UW Career Center to talk about strategies and about ways to highlight your particular skills and strengths.

I applied for an internship but I didn’t hear from the sponsor.  Should I follow up?

  • Yes!  Do be sure that enough time has gone by for the sponsor to review your materials.  If the position has an application deadline or closing date, wait until the closing date has passed.  You can follow up by telephone or by e-mail.  Do keep your query brief and positive and indicate your interest in the organization and the intern position.  If you do not receive a response, do not take that personally: many sponsors are inundated with applications and cannot respond to everyone.

Can I earn UW credit for my internship?

  • In most cases, yes.  Most unpaid internships are eligible for credit.  Some paid internships are eligible if the position is a structured learning opportunity offered by the sponsor as an internship rather than as regular employment.  See an HAS adviser for more information.

What are the requirements for CLMS 491 or an ENGL 491 internship credit?

Can I add my summer internship credits to fall quarter if I’m not enrolled over the summer?

  • Usually yes, if that is fine with your internship sponsor.  Make these arrangements in advance with the HAS center.