IASystem Online Course Evaluations

Hello CIC Instructors!

As you know, the UW is moving towards adopting online course evaluations through the platform of IASystem.


The Office of Evaluation and Assessment has always included several extra questions on the evaluations of EWP Faculty and TAs, but the system does not yet allow for programs and departments to customize evaluations. For this reason, we wanted to post a brief reminder on how to add these questions.

Below, you’ll find step-by-step instructions on adding the questions, as well as a list of best practices for distributing and collecting online evaluations in general.

To access your evaluations, first go to the following link:    https://uw.iasystem.org/faculty


If you’ve already ordered your evaluations, you should see your current course listed.


Select the Add Items link under the Actions column in the far right corner.


This should bring you to a page called Add Items to Evaluations. Please add the following four questions, one at a time:

1) The usefulness of the Instructor’s classroom discussion of student writing was:

2) The usefulness of the Instructor’s written comments on student papers was:

3) The usefulness (if applicable) of conferences with the Instructor was:

4) The usefulness (if applicable) of student response to your writing was:

* Please note that these questions should be classified as a Comment Items, rather than Scaled Items.





* Please be sure to click the Save button on the top right-hand side of the screen when you are finished!

…and that’s it!



Tips for Distributing and Collecting Online Course Evaluations:

– The TA group that piloted the process during spring quarter noted that instructors should conduct the evaluation in class on the day they would normally do a paper evaluation. By conducting it during class time, you ensure a response rate similar to that you would get with a paper evaluation.

– When you request and configure your online evaluation form, you have a choice of when to open and close access. Open access for the day you plan to give the evaluation and close it a few days later, so that absent students have a chance to complete it.

– Supply a link to the evaluation via email and/or your course Canvas site (an Announcement would be a good tool for doing so). If you’re not in the CIC that day, students can bring/use laptops or smartphones to complete the evaluations.

– Make students aware of the importance of course evaluations in terms of instructional improvements, relevance to program accreditation and promotion and tenure decisions

–  In the future, include the evaluation schedule and link in the online syllabus

As always, let us know if you have questions, and best of luck for the final weeks of the quarter!