Evaluation Questions on Space and Technology

As you probably know by now, UW’s online evaluation system allows instructors to add questions to the standard evaluation form, and the EWP encourages instructors to add questions regarding teacher and peer feedback and conferences (see the recommended questions and step-by-step instructions, with screenshots, for adding those questions here).

Whether you teach in our state-of-the-art CIC labs or in a windowless basement room with no classroom technology, you know that the physical space and technologies available in your classroom impact how you teach, and how you use the space and technologies impacts how your students learn. To encourage instructors to develop a reflective practice about their use of available space and technologies (however challenging they may be!), we’ve developed a set of space and technology questions you can add to your evaluations.


  1. How did the instructor’s use of the physical space of your classroom support or detract from your learning?
  2. What suggestions do you have for making more effective use of the classroom space?
  3. How did the instructor’s use of classroom technology (if any) support or detract from your learning?
  4. What suggestions do you have for making more effective use (if any) of the classroom technology?

And here’s how to add those questions:

Go to your IAS Faculty page.


From the “Add Items to Evaluation” page, you’ll type each question into the Comment Items add option.


After you type one question, click “add.”


Then repeat this process to add the remaining questions.


Then you can review and reorder your newly added questions using the tools to the right of the questions.


Finally, you can preview how the questions will look to your students.


As always, if you have any questions, let us know! And if you have additional evaluation questions you add to your form, or if you want to talk about your students’ responses to these questions, we’d love to hear from you.