MLA multimodality keyword and MediaBreaker

screenshot of MLA keyword entry on multimodal

You may have heard by now that the MLA is publishing a keywords collection on digital pedagogies in the humanities (see the Chronicle article), and those keyword entries are out for open review until January 18, 2016. Many of the keywords will be of interest to English faculty and TAs–not least of which is the keyword on multimodality. Each keyword has a curatorial statement, including definitions and key scholarship on the term, and a collection of curated artifacts (many of which are digital teaching tools).

screenshot of MLA keyword artifact MediaBreaker

For example, the curated artifacts on the multimodal keyword includes an entry on MediaBreaker, a tool for making fair-use, critically-oriented video remixes–something we imagine would be of interest to those of you who assign remixes or work with video. (We also think MediaBreaker would pair nicely with VideoANT!) Check out MediaBreaker’s video below:

We encourage you to check out all the keywords and curated artifacts, and let us know if you use MediaBreaker or any other tools you find helpful!

By Ann Shivers-McNair