Self-intro: New CIC Assistant Director – Sumyat Thu

Happy spring 2018, everyone! I’m introducing myself here as the new CIC assistant director serving from spring 2018 to the end of winter 2019. I’m Sumyat, a PhD student in English composition and rhetoric who’s taking her qualifying exams very soon (!) and does research in transnational, translingual literacies, anti-racist theory and pedagogy, and public scholarship. I have also worked in writing center space for a long time as an undergrad and grad student. Outside of CIC duties, I’m also serving as the chair for Praxis conference 2019.

CIC AD Sumyat Thu

As far as how I can be a resource for those of you who are teaching a CIC course or a multimodal composition like ENGL 182, you can contact me for pedagogical discussions to practical concerns like reserving a CIC lab or visiting your class to do a Canvas e-portfolio workshop. As CIC ADs before me have consistently mentioned to the teachers, we don’t want CIC instructors to think that just because they’re teaching in CIC now, technology has to be a central issue in their pedagogy. Our suggestion is always to think of technology available in CIC rooms as a resource and not as a mandate. The level of tech engagement you do in class should depend on your pedagogical intentions and comfort level with the tech. For example, some instructors do peer-reviews electronically on Canvas, but some just prefer low use of technology such as having students read an article on the screen instead of distributing hard copies.

During my CIC AD term, I’ll be posting periodically blog posts that detail CIC workshop events we’ll have had or discuss some kind of pedagogical issues that involve technology and multimodality. Kimberlee and I will also continue to add teaching resources to our CIC website. And stay tuned for the quarterly CIC workshop events! In the meantime, please feel free to contact me at to discuss any CIC related issue. My office hours this quarter are: Mon 10-noon (Padelford A-11), Tue 10-noon (MGH 088), and Wed 10-noon (Padelford A-11).

Hope to see you around!