Hi Everyone! I’m BrittNEY Frantece. I’m the new CIC AD, and I thought I’d introduce myself!

I’m a pro-Black, non-binary femme essayist, visual artist, and instructor. I write essays about speculation in Black arts and literature; I read speculative literature and write speculative critical essays. It’s fun. In my art, I’m a digital artist and printmaking. That’s also fun. I work mostly with Adobe illustrator with my digital art, finding simple way to snapshot the mundane in life. I do linocut prints although I’ve been wanting to get into lithography.

As far as teaching, I try to think outside of tradition. I remember being constantly regimented on strict grammar and effective writing rules in school, and I want students to feel safe to rid themselves of that philosophy when they see fit. Sometimes I find people are hesitant of breaking those rules. However, humans aren’t categories, and we don’t always communicate the same meanings, the same way.

I love collaboration! I love bringing together pedological resources so that we can learn from each other. I hope to use the space of the blog, teacher talks and multimodal workshop for just that. Maybe can add some other modes to the mix– podcast, pre-recorded videos. I’m very open to hearing suggestions! If you want to talk, email me at!

I hope to talk soon!

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