New CIC Introduction

Hey, y’all! I’m Alycia Gilbert. I’m the new CIC AD this quarter, and I wanted to introduce myself!

I’m a PhD student who works primarily with adaptations of nineteenth-century texts; any stage/film/television/graphic novel/web-series adaptation of nineteenth-century source material, and I’m all over it (and there’s a lot of it out there–there’s even a Jane Eyre manga). I’m mostly interested in how historical ideologies move and are mythologized across time, genres, and contexts. Basically, I ask “how do adaptations ‘perform’ the nineteenth century and its power structures for modern audiences?” while analyzing every version of Dracula I can get my hands on.

In my own teaching, I love bringing adaptation studies into the classroom and encouraging students to compose across genres themselves. And since adaptation studies is, by necessity, a multimodal and interdisciplinary field, I like my syllabi packed with comics, films, and social media feeds. My courses are deeply invested in exploring the choices made in retelling/recreating a text, as well as the cultural and political stakes of adaptations. I’m also passionate about making space for students to be creative and draw from their own interests, and I’m always excited to talk with other instructors about how to design flexible projects that facilitate student input!

Outside the university, I’m a scribbler of all sorts (mostly fiction writing, but I’m also an aggressive doodle-r), a horror fan, and a lover of children’s lit.

I’m always excited to brainstorm course design, from assignments to lesson plans. Especially with the current online teaching environment, I’d love to talk about how we can explore new ways to integrate technology and creativity into the composition classroom while prioritizing mental and physical health. If you ever want to chat about the CIC classroom or multimodal teaching in general, email me at!

I’m looking forward to talking with y’all more!