New CIC Introduction

Hey, y’all! I’m Alycia Gilbert. I’m the new CIC AD this quarter, and I wanted to introduce myself!

I’m a PhD student who works primarily with adaptations of nineteenth-century texts; any stage/film/television/graphic novel/web-series adaptation of nineteenth-century source material, and I’m all over it (and there’s a lot of it out there–there’s even a Jane Eyre manga). I’m mostly interested in how historical ideologies move and are mythologized across time, genres, and contexts. Basically, I ask “how do adaptations ‘perform’ the nineteenth century and its power structures for modern audiences?” while analyzing every version of Dracula I can get my hands on.

In my own teaching, I love bringing adaptation studies into the classroom and encouraging students to compose across genres themselves. And since adaptation studies is, by necessity, a multimodal and interdisciplinary field, I like my syllabi packed with comics, films, and social media feeds. My courses are deeply invested in exploring the choices made in retelling/recreating a text, as well as the cultural and political stakes of adaptations. I’m also passionate about making space for students to be creative and draw from their own interests, and I’m always excited to talk with other instructors about how to design flexible projects that facilitate student input!

Outside the university, I’m a scribbler of all sorts (mostly fiction writing, but I’m also an aggressive doodle-r), a horror fan, and a lover of children’s lit.

I’m always excited to brainstorm course design, from assignments to lesson plans. Especially with the current online teaching environment, I’d love to talk about how we can explore new ways to integrate technology and creativity into the composition classroom while prioritizing mental and physical health. If you ever want to chat about the CIC classroom or multimodal teaching in general, email me at!

I’m looking forward to talking with y’all more!


Hi Everyone! I’m BrittNEY Frantece. I’m the new CIC AD, and I thought I’d introduce myself!

I’m a pro-Black, non-binary femme essayist, visual artist, and instructor. I write essays about speculation in Black arts and literature; I read speculative literature and write speculative critical essays. It’s fun. In my art, I’m a digital artist and printmaking. That’s also fun. I work mostly with Adobe illustrator with my digital art, finding simple way to snapshot the mundane in life. I do linocut prints although I’ve been wanting to get into lithography.

As far as teaching, I try to think outside of tradition. I remember being constantly regimented on strict grammar and effective writing rules in school, and I want students to feel safe to rid themselves of that philosophy when they see fit. Sometimes I find people are hesitant of breaking those rules. However, humans aren’t categories, and we don’t always communicate the same meanings, the same way.

I love collaboration! I love bringing together pedological resources so that we can learn from each other. I hope to use the space of the blog, teacher talks and multimodal workshop for just that. Maybe can add some other modes to the mix– podcast, pre-recorded videos. I’m very open to hearing suggestions! If you want to talk, email me at!

I hope to talk soon!

New CIC AD Introduction

Hello! I’m Sara Lovett, the new CIC/182 AD starting this quarter and continuing through next winter. Sumyat has completed her term as the CIC AD, and she is teaching this quarter, so you can contact me with any 182/CIC concerns.

Any class can be multimodal and/or make use of technology, so even if you’re not teaching in a CIC classroom this quarter, please get in touch if you’d like to talk about how to engage with multimodality through your teaching. I am also now your primary contact ( if you would like to reserve a CIC classroom.

My own interest in multimodality is rooted in in game studies and my experience as a board gamer. I’m the Graduate Representative for the Council for Play and Gaming Studies, a cross-institutional group of writing instructors who research and teach through and about games. I’m more than happy to talk about teaching with games. In fact, EWP and the UW Libraries are running a workshop on Friday, April 5 in Red C in the Research Commons (Allen Library) to discuss how to teach using the board games that the library has on reserve. Don’t let this shameless plug be go to waste–come talk about games with us on Friday!

In addition to game studies, I focus on the role of access, social justice, and civic engagement in writing education through the lens of antiracist pedagogy. I’m happy to talk about any of those topics too if they are of interest to you.

Keep an eye on this blog; I’ll be posting periodically throughout my time as the CIC AD. In the meantime, reach out–I always love talking about teaching!

Self-intro: New CIC Assistant Director – Sumyat Thu

Happy spring 2018, everyone! I’m introducing myself here as the new CIC assistant director serving from spring 2018 to the end of winter 2019. I’m Sumyat, a PhD student in English composition and rhetoric who’s taking her qualifying exams very soon (!) and does research in transnational, translingual literacies, anti-racist theory and pedagogy, and public scholarship. I have also worked in writing center space for a long time as an undergrad and grad student. Outside of CIC duties, I’m also serving as the chair for Praxis conference 2019.

CIC AD Sumyat Thu

As far as how I can be a resource for those of you who are teaching a CIC course or a multimodal composition like ENGL 182, you can contact me for pedagogical discussions to practical concerns like reserving a CIC lab or visiting your class to do a Canvas e-portfolio workshop. As CIC ADs before me have consistently mentioned to the teachers, we don’t want CIC instructors to think that just because they’re teaching in CIC now, technology has to be a central issue in their pedagogy. Our suggestion is always to think of technology available in CIC rooms as a resource and not as a mandate. The level of tech engagement you do in class should depend on your pedagogical intentions and comfort level with the tech. For example, some instructors do peer-reviews electronically on Canvas, but some just prefer low use of technology such as having students read an article on the screen instead of distributing hard copies.

During my CIC AD term, I’ll be posting periodically blog posts that detail CIC workshop events we’ll have had or discuss some kind of pedagogical issues that involve technology and multimodality. Kimberlee and I will also continue to add teaching resources to our CIC website. And stay tuned for the quarterly CIC workshop events! In the meantime, please feel free to contact me at to discuss any CIC related issue. My office hours this quarter are: Mon 10-noon (Padelford A-11), Tue 10-noon (MGH 088), and Wed 10-noon (Padelford A-11).

Hope to see you around!

New CIC Assistant Director: Holly Shelton

Hi everyone, welcome to Spring 2017 in the CIC!  This post is to briefly introduce myself and ways I might be a resource for your computer integrated teaching, learning, and research this year.

CIC AD Holly Shelton

If you start teaching in CIC or ENGL 182 this year, you’ll definitely meet me during your orientation.  I’m currently a PhD student in the English department’s language and rhetoric program and chair of the annual UW Praxis Conference.  I have a background in TESOL and applied linguistics, and my research interests focus on how and why people move across language and modalities in their literacy and composition practices.  I’m also interested in gaming and critical pedagogies.

CIC supports many levels of technology integration in our classes and spaces, from minimally to fully integrated.  You don’t have to fundamentally change your teaching philosophy for CIC, but can adapt your teaching to the available technology.  If you don’t have a regularly scheduled class in one of the CIC computer labs, but want to reserve a space for a specific class activity like peer review, research, an eportfolio session, or anything else, I’m the one to contact.  If you’re not sure what you would use a CIC computer lab for, let’s talk about the possibilities!

Here are some things to keep on your radar this year:

  • CIC blog posts – check back periodically for tips from me or your colleagues
  • CIC workshops – invitations will be circulating through department emails
  • CIC teaching resources – we continue to add content to the website

You can reach me at hshelton [at] and my office hours for each quarter are posted here.  If you have an emergency with technology in the CIC rooms, check with the ischool first, but I can also help troubleshoot in a pinch.  I look forward to working with you this year!