How to Schedule a Computer Classroom for On-Demand Use

Even if you’re not teaching in the CIC’s computer lab classrooms, you probably do some form of tech-embedded multimodal assignment or pedagogy in your courses. We’ve found that, especially this quarter, it’s been a bit more difficult for instructors to get access to a computer classroom for their occasional pedagogical purposes. So we’d like to highlight options for reserving a computer classroom either for a one-time request or several days of a quarter.

For some context: CIC has access to two computer classrooms in Mary Gates Hall, 076 and 082, in partnership with the iSchool. Our regularly reserved times for these classrooms are Monday thru Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., while the iSchool gets access to these spaces after 1:30 p.m. On Fridays, we have access to Mary Gates 082 from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. The iSchool has 082 after 1:30 p.m. and 076 all day. A good portion of our reserved times are filled with regularly scheduled CIC courses.

When you need a computer classroom for specific times during a quarter, the first thing you should do is email the current CIC AD or Kimberlee Gillis-Bridges (CIC director) the dates/times you’d like to book a room. If your course meets during CIC’s reserved hours and no other course is scheduled, we can book you into Mary Gates 082 or 076. If your course meets outside our reserved hours, we can check with the iSchool coordinator to see if the iSchool is indeed using the CIC rooms for the times you’ve requested. If they are, we will forward your request to EWP program coordinator, Jake Huebsch, who can request the Mary Gates 033 or 044 computer classrooms.

If you’re helping students learn a particular program or technical skill, you may not need to book lab space for in-class instruction. UW Learning Technologies provides free technology workshops and one-on-one consultations in Odegaard Learning Studio 102 throughout the year.

If the above options don’t work out, you may request an Active Learning Classroom (ALC) in Mary Gates or Odegaard, or a Research Commons space in the Allen Library. In this case, you’ll have to ask students to bring a laptop/tablet or check one out through the UW Student Technology Loan program. Mary Gates has two ALCs (with no computers): MGH 058 and 295. If you’d like to reserve one of these rooms, contact Jake Huebsch, who can then process your request. The Research Commons in Allen Library South has three spaces that my work for your class: Green A, which seats 25, Red A, which seats a maximum of 16, and Red C, which seats a maximum of 18. You may check Research Commons availability and reserve a space here, and the Odegaard ALC schedule and one-time use request form is available here. Note that the Odegaard ALCs are general assignment classrooms. One-time use requests are considered after all classes that regularly meet in the ALC have been scheduled.

We’ll continue to monitor how the use of computer classrooms increases or changes among our EWP instructors in the upcoming quarters and will advocate for more computer-integrated instructional spaces if we see an increasing need. Feel free to let us know your concerns or inquiries.