Continuing Our Game of Musical Rooms

We have just received word that Mary Gates 076 will remain unus­able for the rest of the quar­ter. The room sched­ule for the week of 11/17–11/21 will be as follows:

111L (Knapp)
Tues­day, 10:30– 12:20, MGH 082
Thurs­day, 10:30–12:20, MGH 074

111O (Simons)
Mon­day, 12:30–2:20, MGH 082
Wednes­day, 12:30–2:20, MGH 074

111Q (Bab­bie)
Tues­day, 12:30–2:20, MGH 074
Thurs­day, 12:30–2:20, MGH 082

121D (Morel)
Tues­day, 10:30–12:20, MGH 074
Thurs­day, 10:30–12:20, MGH 082

121F (Fis­cus)
Tues­day 12:30–2:20, MGH 082
Thurs­day, 12:30–2:20, MGH 074

131D7 (Loftin)
Mon­day, 10:30–12:20, MGH 334
Wednes­day, 10:30–12:20, MGH 082

199J (Fahim)
Mon­day and Fri­day, 11:30– 12:20, MGH 082
Wednes­day, 11:30– 12:20, MGH 254

281A (Camp­bell)
Mon­day, 9:30–11:20, MGH 082
Wednes­day, 9:30–11:20, MUS 219

We’ll update the blog and email the CIC list­serv each Fri­day with infor­ma­tion about the room sched­ule for the upcom­ing week. If you plan on can­celling class the Wednes­day before Thanks­giv­ing, please let Kim­ber­lee or Tesla know.

Thank you for your con­tin­ued patience and flexibility.

Fire Damage

Hi Everyone,

It’s been an eventful week! As most of you know, over the weekend there was a fire in Mary Gates Hall that originated in CIC 076.


The fire was caused by a broken motor in the ventilation system (or something of the sort!), and unfortunately caused a few other rooms to be covered in soot.


We are so grateful for your flexibility this week. There was some disruption in class locations, and we really appreciate your help in working everything out!

As of right now, all the rooms are back up and running except for 076, which may take longer than a week to repair. Therefore, please make sure to follow the temporary schedule that was sent out over email until further notice. As soon as we have more information, we’ll let you know!


Thanks for your understanding!

If you didn’t receive the new schedule, please email Tesla at