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Meditation & Reflection Room

Room T-433, located outside the lecture halls, is a dedicated space for all medical students to engage in quiet reflection, meditation, or prayer. The room offers a quiet space for medical students during a school day that can otherwise be busy or stressful. The room has a zen garden, floor cushions and bean bags, meditation bells, calming music, coloring pages, and more.

Guidelines for Use of the Medical Student Reflection Space:

The room is not intended to be used as a study space. Please use other areas of the campus, including the library, for this purpose. Please adhere to these guidelines when using this space.

  1. The reflection room is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Different individuals and groups may occupy the room at the same time. We ask that you be sensitive to the concerns and needs of other who may also wish to use the room. This is a space of mutual respect and consideration.
  2. Silent reflection is preferred but if speaking is required, please be respectful of others who may wish to use the room at the same time.
  3. Electronic devices must be silenced prior to entering the room.
  4. Food and beverages, with the exception of water, are prohibited.
  5. Shoes may be removed upon entering the room and placed on the white shoe racks. Shoe removal is not required.
  6. Any items brought into the room to aid reflection/prayer must be removed by the person who brought them at the end of their reflection/prayer time.
  7. The use of flame candles and incense is not permitted.
  8. Room furnishings placed in the room by the Counseling & Wellness Service must remain in the room. This includes meditation tables, LED candles, singing bowl, chimes and other furniture. Theft will not be tolerated.
  9. There are sound machines and LED candles which may be used to help create a peaceful and relaxing space. Please turn these off when not in use.
  10. MSA or student interest group members may occasionally need to access items in one of the closets in the small room. Please negotiate access for them as needed.

If you have questions or concerns about this room, please contact an MSA representative or email