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Showers in the Health Sciences Building

Showers and towels are available for medical students to use in an area called the “Crow’s Nest”, located on the 6th floor in the Health Sciences Building.

Directions to the Crow’s Nest:

  • You will need a code to enter, so before heading up to the Crow’s Nest, contact Student Affairs (suite A-300) for the door code.
  • Start in the Health Sciences Lobby
  • Head towards the hallway marked “To Dental Clinics”
  • Immediately on your left is a staircase – take this
  • Take the stairs to the 6th floor
  • There will be a locked door that requires a key code

The scrubs in the Crow’s Nest are not intended for medical student use. Students should purchase their own scrubs for Human Form & Function / Anatomy labs.