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Pregnancy and Parenting

Our Philosophy

The UWSOM is a family friendly institution and, as a regional medical school, is supportive of students who wish to begin their families during medical school.

Title IX protections

Title IX, Washington State law, and University of Washington policy prohibit discrimination based on sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender expression, pregnant or parenting status, and LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer) identity. Learn more here.

Are you considering becoming pregnant during medical school?

As students think about these issues, some factors to consider are:

  • The time of year you are pregnant, when you would have your baby, and where this will fall in the curriculum
  • Your family situation and circumstances
  • Personal desire to prioritize being at home vs. graduating as soon as possible
  • Financial aid needs and debt load
  • Strength and competitiveness as a student
  • Competitiveness of your specialty choice
  • Timing of clerkships and interviewing for residencies

These factors lead students to take different paths, including expanding their curriculum or taking a leave of absence.

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