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UWSOM Student Organizations


The School of Medicine seeks to provide students with the opportunities, resources, and support necessary to explore and expand their personal and professional interests, build relationships and network, develop skills and experiences, grow as individuals, and have fun. By promoting civic engagement in the community, creating partnerships, and fostering an environment that values diversity, free expression, and self-directed learning, the student organizations contribute to the holistic development of our students. Refer to the Student Organizations Directory for an up-to-date list of current student organizations.

Students in the WWAMI region are encouraged to be involved in UWSOM-affiliated student organizations regardless of their physical location. Students interested in joining an already-existing group or forming a branch at their Foundations Site should contact an administrator at their site, their MSA representative, or email Emily Slager.

UW Student Activities Office (SAO)


SAO is a main campus resource dedicated to UWSOM registered student organizations. SAO provides funding and other benefits and resources such as free printing (up to $50 per year per registered student organizations), mailboxes, craft supplies, storage, a karaoke room, etc.

UW Graduate & Professional Student Senate (GPSS)

The Graduate and Professional Student Senate (GPSS) is the official student government representing the 15,000 graduate and professional students at the University of Washington’s Seattle campus. GPSS provides and advocates for the tools needed to enhance personal and professional development, and safeguards the interests of the students it represents.

GPSS actively supports graduate and professional students and builds community among them with regular communications and opportunities for involvement as well as social events throughout the year. GPSS represents students to the University and the Legislature, funds graduate programming, and hosts regular social events.