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Transportation & Commuting

King County Metro Transit: Link Light Rail & Buses

King County Metro Transit is the main public transportation unit for Seattle and includes city buses, ride share programs, Link light rail, Sounder train, water taxis, and more.

Light Rail:
: – helpful phone app for live-time bus schedules



Your Student Activities Fee, included in your UW tuition, covers the fee for the Student U-PASS which is automatically loaded onto your Husky Card (i.e. it is not a separate pass) and allows unlimited use of King County Metro busses, Link Light Rail, Sound Transit, and other forms of transportation around Seattle.

If a student does not use the card within the first 60 days of the UW Academic Quarter, then they will need to call Transportation Services (206-221-3701) to have them activate the pass manually. It will take 24-48 hours for the activation to “go live”.

If a student is not paying tuition to the University of Washington (e.g. in the summer, or a WWAMI student in Seattle to do research, etc.), they will not have a UPASS on their Husky Card. Instead, they can purchase an ORCA card through King County Metro. Be sure to read about the ORCA LIFT reduced fare program, as many students will qualify for this program.


Seattle bike share programs

Montlake Bicycle Shop , Recycled Cycles, and ASUW Bike Shop: bike purchases, rentals, and repairs

UW Bike Registration: 

UW Campus bike racks, rooms, lockers, houses:

Health Sciences Express

The Health Sciences Express provides transportation Monday – Friday, excluding University holidays between UW Medical Center and Harborview Medical Center, with stops at Roosevelt Clinic and UW Tower. Service is available to UW faculty, staff, students, as well as medical center patients and their families. Visit for more information and to see schedules and live tracking.

Parking on campus

If students commute to campus/UWMC by bike, bus, or light rail, then parking is not an issue. If students choose to drive, they should investigate parking options in advance. To familiarize yourself with where UW Medical Center and the many parking lots/garages on campus are located, go to

The UW School of Medicine does not provide parking permits to students, including students in the Patient Care Phase. Students in both Foundations Phase or on a clerkship rotation at UWMC are not considered hospital employees, and will need to purchase a student parking permit if they wish to park on campus. Visit the following websites to learn about the types of parking permits you can purchase:

To purchase a quarterly student parking permit, go in person to Transportation Services with your Husky Card and vehicle registration.

If you are a clinical student on a night shift at the hospital (or start very early in the morning), you can work with your clerkship administrator to call Transportation Services (206-221-3701) to see if Transportation Services can give you a permit to park in a lot that is closer to the hospital. They work with students on a case-by-case basis and will try to make accommodations for your situation. The Husky NightWalk Program is a service of the UW Campus Police, in which a uniformed security guard will escort you to your car between 6:30pm and 2:00am. when you call 206.685.9255 to make arrangements.

UW Commute Options


Unsure about the best way for you to get to UW Campus? The University of Washington offers a free service called “Commute Options” in which they work with any student, faculty, or staff member to create an individualized commute plan that best fits your needs/preferences.

UW Commute Options staff are also available in person at Transportation Services and over the phone at 206-221-3701 Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.