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Disability and Accommodations (DRS, ADA)

If you need testing accommodations or other accommodations during medical school, you should start  this process of getting accommodations as soon as possible. If you have used accommodations in the past, we strongly encourage you to pursue them in medical school if the condition for which you sought accommodations in the past persists. Getting accommodations for licensing exams (USMLE, NBME, Step 1, Step 2 CK, Step 2 CS, Step 3) generally requires a pattern of having required accommodations in the past, in addition to the necessary documentation, so students are strongly encouraged to pursue accommodations at the very outset of medical school, if they are needed.

Pregnancy is considered a health condition that makes students eligible to receive accommodations. Accommodations may also apply to students with a health condition or disability that would require them to stay in one location for the Patient Care Phase and/or Explore & Focus Phase of the curriculum.

If you are wondering if you might need accommodations, please refer to the Essential Requirements and Technical Standards document which students signed in their Secondary Application and prior to entering clerkships. In particular, you may want to review the documentation guidelines for specific diagnoses:

If you have questions about accommodations, or the process, please review DRS website, listed below.

Disability Resources for Students (DRS)

The DRS office is dedicated to ensuring access and inclusion for all students with disabilities, and serves over 2,100 students at UW with either temporary or permanent physical, health, learning, sensory or psychological disabilities. Students partner with the DRS office to establish services for their access and inclusion on campus.

Contact phone:  206.543.8924
Contact email:

If disability accommodations is something you would like to explore further, please email Adiam Tesfay at Adiam oversees accommodations for all students at UWSOM and across health sciences at UW. Even though he is based in Seattle at the University of Washington, he is available to all medical students including students who are not in Seattle for the Foundations phase.

Americans with Disabilities Act Coordinator

The ADA Coordinator ensures University programs responsibly deliver reasonable accommodations to students, and facilitates the University’s compliance with disability laws and regulations, including responding effectively to each complaint or concern relating to the University’s compliance with the ADA and/or related local, state, and federal laws.

Contact phone:  206. 221.7932
Contact email: