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Q Center and Women’s Center

Q Center


The UW Q Center is the professionally supported resource, advocacy, and mentoring center for queer students and concerns at the University of Washington. It provides consulting for various departments on campus with regards to bolstering safety and respect for queer students, and also coordinates numerous programs, social organizations, and educational initiatives. The size and diversity of the Q Center’s services has grown significantly in the short time it has been operational, and this rate of growth has been matched by increasing interest throughout the campus community in the Q Center’s mission. The Q Center envisions a Washington community where justice, equality, compassion, and respect for all people prevail.

The Q Center aims to:

  • Facilitate holistic culturally embedded and appropriate services for Q students, faculty, and staff.
  • Increase understanding and access to comprehensive, accurate, and respectful information and care regarding sexuality and gender.
  • Support, affirm, and celebrate the range of sexual and gender experiences, orientations, and expressions.
  • Eliminate campus harassment and discrimination based on sexual and gender orientation/identity.

Contact phone:  206.897.1430
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UW Women’s Center


The UW Women’s center is available for all female UW students as a space to study and hang out, to connect students with events, to provide programs to help students interested  in seeking public office or other leadership positions, and to provide opportunities for students to volunteer helping 9-12th grade young women from 1st generation or low income households prepare for STEM careers.

Contact phone:  206.685.1090
Contact email: