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Husky Card/UW Student ID Badge

Student Husky Card

The Husky Card is the official identification card for all members of the UW community (faculty, staff, students) and provides access to libraries, transportation, the Health Sciences Building, the Intramural Activities Building (IMA), and other services that the University of Washington offers. Students may load money onto their Husky Card account to use it for UW Dining, University Bookstores, printing, parking, etc. – click here for details.

Clinical students who were not at UW for Foundations Phase are encouraged to get their Husky Card form the Odegaard Account & ID Center at any point upon arriving for clerkships. Students will need to bring a valid form of identification and know their student number. There is no fee to receive a Husky Card.

The most popular uses of the Husky Card are:

  1. Access to the Health Sciences Building
  2. U-PASS (your public transportation pass to King County Metro buses, Sound Transit, the Link Light Rail, etc.). See the bottom of this page.
  3. Membership to the IMA – More information here.

Husky Card Account & ID Center

Odegaard Undergraduate Library, ground floor
Phone: 206-543-7222
Office Hours: Monday–Friday, 8 am–5 pm
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UW Medical Center ID Badges

Students are issued ID badges at various points throughout their medical school training. ID badges should be worn whenever the student is on campus and must always be worn when seeing patients in an official capacity, including as part of a research protocol.

If an ID badge is lost or stolen, students must report it immediately to their regional administrative staff or clerkship coordinator, as appropriate. Students may be asked to submit an incident report to the clinical site’s public safety office related to the lost or stolen ID badge, and may be required to pay a replacement fee for each additional ID badge that is issued to them.

If a name change occurs, students must update their photo ID badge. Once the name change is registered with the School of Medicine’s registrar’s office, students should contact Sarah Wood (, 206.616.8221) to inquire about the name change process for the ID badges.

When will clerkship students receive them?

  • Seattle Foundations students receive their UWMC ID badge shortly after Orientation and Immersion.
  • Wyoming Foundations students receive them when they come to Seattle for their 2nd year.
  • WWAMI students who have clerkships in Seattle obtain their badges as part of their clerkship credentialing process and typically on the first day of their clerkship. They will be available for pick up at the A-300 front desk.
  • Students at non-UWMC clerkships will be issued ID badges through the hospital or clinic in which they are rotating.

If you need to replace a lost or stolen UWMC ID Card, contact Sarah Wood (, 206.616.8221).



Your Student Activities Fee, included in your UW tuition, covers the fee for the Student U-PASS which is automatically loaded onto your Husky Card (i.e. it is not a separate pass) and allows unlimited use of King County Metro busses, Link Light Rail, Sound Transit, and other forms of transportation around Seattle.

If a student does not use the card within the first 60 days of the UW Academic Quarter, then they will need to call Transportation Services (206-221-3701) to have them activate the pass manually. It will take 24-48 hours for the activation to “go live”.

If a student is not paying tuition to the University of Washington (e.g. in the summer, or a WWAMI student in Seattle to do research, etc.), they will not have a UPASS on their Husky Card. Instead, they can purchase an ORCA card through King County Metro. Be sure to read about the ORCA LIFT reduced fare program, as many students will qualify for this program.