Evolutionary Quantitative Genetics 2018, FHL

The workshop photo for the 2017 Evolutionary Quantitative Genetics Workshop

This is the WordPress site for the Evolutionary Quantitative Genetics Workshop to be held June 4-8, 2018, at University of Washington Friday Harbor Laboratories in Friday Harbor, Washington.

Please feel free to share comments, questions, resources, etc. on this WordPress site. Just ask for help if you get stuck by emailing fhleqg@uw.edu.

If you wish to read about the aims and objectives of the Workshop, please visit its Friday Harbor Laboratories site.  The site you are on right now is the WordPress site for lecturers to post, share, and view the Workshop content, and once the Workshop starts, for student contributions as well.  It will ultimately contain all the 2018 workshop content.

To find out more about the Workshop, where you will currently find the lecture projections, notes, videos, and audio recordings for last year’s workshop. Go to the Schedule-2017 link in the heading of the page and follow the links to individual lectures and exercises.

The 2018 workshop is sponsored by The American Society of Naturalists, and by the Society for the Study of Evolution.