Previous years

Here are links to previous years’ workshops, with pages for the individual lectures, including lecture projections, audio recordings, and files for computer exercises.  For 2014-2016 there are YouTube videos of the lectures as well.

2019 Workshop

2018 Workshop

2017 Workshop


Earlier years

The workshop has been held yearly since 2011.

The workshop was held from 2014 to 2016 at the National Institute for Mathematical and Biological Synthesis (NIMBioS) at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

The main tutorial page for each of these years includes a link to YouTube videos of the livestreamed lectures.  Once you get used to the lecturer often appearing twice (there were two cameras, one pointed at the projection screen, the other at the podium and whiteboard), these convey the content of the workshop lectures well.  You should also be able to go to the webpage for the lecture and get your own copy of the lecture projection (PowerPoint or PDF), to see the projection more clearly.  Computer exercises were not video-recorded.  Many thanks to the wonderful NIMBioS staff for making these available.

2016 Workshop

2015 Workshop

2014 Workshop

The 2011 to 2013 workshops were held at NESCENT, the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center at Duke University in Durham North Carolina.  Their NSF funding ran out after 2013.  We were sad to leave the supportive environment of NESCENT, and fortunate to find a new home at NIMBioS in 2014.  The 2011-2013 web pages for our courses at NESCENT are no longer available.  Wiki pages have been preserved by the Wayback Machine archive. Most of the links on those pages do not work.

2013 Workshop wiki page

2012 Workshop wiki page with Course Materials / Schedule page

2011 Workshop wiki page including group photo