FishBone 2015

FishBone 2015
Date: October 8th 2015
Seattle Washington

The inaugural FishBone workshop was held on October 8th 2015 in Seattle Washington, the day prior to the Annual Meeting of the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research (ASBMR). FishBone 2015 was a great success, drawing ~50 attendees (~25% of which were non-fish users from the adjoining ASBMR meeting). A report describing the workshop can be seen by clicking here.

8:00AM-2:00PM Registration
8:00AM-9:00AM Coffee Provided
9:00AM-9:15AM Opening Remarks: Welcome from the ASBMR President-Elect Kiel DP
Podium Session I: Comparative Skeletal Biology: Development and Regeneration
9:15AM Keynote: Advantages and challenges analyzing zebrafish and medaka as models in biomedical skeletal research Witten PE
9:45AM Exuberant morphological evolution within the skulls of spiny-finned teleosts Kimmel CB, Sidlauskas B, Knope M, Hanneman E
10:00AM Development and evolution of skeletal joints Askary A, Smeeton J, Crump G
10:15AM Modeling and remodeling of anosteocytic bone Shahar R
10:30AM-10:45AM Oral Posters (3x 3min talks followed by 6min Q&A) Ihha induces cells with dual chondrocyte and osteoblast properties during zebrafish jawbone regeneration Paul S, Schindler S, Giovannone D, Terrazzani AM, Mariani FV, Crump JG
Partial tail amputation in zebrafish: a model of chondral bone regeneration? Govezensky Y, David D, Ben-Yosef D, Shochat C, Karasik D
Functional engraftment of murine MC3T3-E1 pre-osteoblastic cells in a zebrafish model of epimorphic bone regeneration Douglass BG, Allan CH, Kwon RY
10:45AM-11:00AM Break
Podium Session II: Genetics of Skeletogenesis
11:00AM Keynote: Multiple roles for planar cell polarity in skeletal development  Schilling TF, Le Pabic P
11:30AM Severe ossification defects in Medaka mutants for Osterix/Sp7 Yu T, Renn J, Witten PE, Winkler C
11:45AM Understanding the role of Hdac4 in shaping the zebrafish palatal and hyoid arch 2 skeleton DeLaurier A
11:45AM-12:00PM Oral Posters (3x 3min talks followed by 6min Q&A) Methods for assessing bone remodeling in juvenile zebrafish Caetano-Lopes J, Urso K, Henke K, Aliprantis AO, Warman ML, Harris MP
Role of Trps1 in zebrafish tail fin regeneration Crutcher WL, Kwon RY, Watson CJ
RANKL/OPG double knockout medaka unveils the decision system for the osteoclast site in a whole-body Chatani M, Takano Y, Todo T, Kudo A 
12:00PM-1:30PM Break
Podium Session III: Imaging in the Fish Skeleton
1:30PM Keynote: Building a vertebrate skull Fisher S, Kanther M
2:00PM Multi-modal high-content imaging reveals relationships between cell signaling and mineralization in zebrafish Watson CJ, Gardiner EM, Kaminsky W, Kwon RY
2:15PM Using zebrafish to test in vivo relevance of putative osteoclast regulators Urso K, Henke K, Sury M, Duryea J, Harris MP, Aliprantis AO, Charles JF
2:30PM-2:45PM Oral Posters (3x 3min talks followed by 6min Q&A) MicroCT analysis of the zebrafish skeleton: snapshot of natural variation compared to instrumental repeatability Salmon P 
A dynamic anesthesia system for long-term imaging in the adult zebrafish skeleton Wynd BM, Patil K, Watson CJ, Sanders GE, Kwon RY
Age-related degeneration of the intervertebral joint in the African Killifish N. furzeri Abraham AC, Brunet A, Hu CK, Tang SY
2:45PM-3:10PM Break (Coffee Provided)
Podium Session IV: Translational Approaches: Tankside to Bedside
3:10PM Keynote: Model development and prediction: the potential of fish to uncover mechanisms of disease and avenues for therapy Harris MP
3:40PM A zebrafish model for Bruck Syndrome caused by PLOD2 mutations Gistelinck C, Willaert A, Witten PE, Huysseune A, Simoens P, Symoens S, Vanhove C, Van Hoorebeke L, Malfait F, De Paepe A, Coucke PJ
3:55PM Translation of the zebrafish osteogenic genome Kwon RY, Virdi A, Sumner DR
4:10PM-4:25PM Oral Posters (3x 3min talks followed by 6min Q&A) Fish models for abnormal spinal curvature Gorman KF, Everleigh R, Bourque G, Moreau A
A 3D printed chemical screening system for osteoactive compound discovery in adult zebrafish Monstad-Rios A, Kwon RY
Modeling mycobacterial bone infections in zebrafish Saelens J, Tobin D
4:25PM-4:35PM Break (Poster Setup)
4:35PM-6:00PM Poster Session (Beer and Cocktails Provided)
5:35PM-6:00PM Working Group Formation (Concurrent with Poster Session)
6:00PM-6:15PM Awards and Closing Remarks; Adjourn