FishBone 2017

FishBone 2017 will be a day-long workshop on Friday May 12, 2017 as part of the ECTS Pre-Congress Program. The workshop will begin in the morning and end in the evening, with several breaks in between.

This day-long workshop is open to clinicians, biologists and geneticists dedicated to bone research, with a focus on fish models of human skeletal disease. The workshop seeks to encour­age inter­ac­tion between estab­lished and poten­tial fish users and bone researchers from different disciplines. All presenters are encouraged to provide background to bring participants to a basic level of understanding, as well as to present new data.

Final Schedule

May 4, 2017: We have posted our final schedule! See below for specific times of talks and ordering within each session.

8:00AM Registration Open
8:45AM-8:50AM Welcome
8:50AM-9:30AM Plenary Talk
Fish Bone: more than models of human muscle-skeletal disease
Ron Shahar
9:30AM-11:05AM Session I: Development, Skeletogenesis, and Regeneration
 9:30AM-9:50AM The new bestiary: Systematic genetic analysis revealing mechanisms of skeletogenesis and variation
Matthew P Harris, Katrin Henke
9:50AM-10:10AM Stem cells for tooth replacement: facts or fiction?
Ann Huysseune, Christoph Winkler, Wen Hui Tan, Doris W.T. Au , P. Eckhard Witten
10:10AM-10:30AM Cellular and molecular mechanisms of osteoblast plasticity during zebrafish fin regeneration
Ivonne Sehring, Gilbert Weidinger
10:30AM-10:50AM Function of csf1r paralogues in regulation of osteoclastogenesis and activity in the zebrafish
Joana Caetano-Lopes, Katia Urso, Katrin Henke, Julia F Charles, Matthew P Harris
10:50AM-11:05AM Science Slam: Oral Poster Session I
10:50AM-10:55AM Screening for osteogenic compounds using the zebrafish as a model
Andy Willaert, Charlotte Gistelinck, Hanna De Saffel, Jan Willem Bek, Paul Coucke
10:55AM-11:00AM Telling good segmentation from bad
Rachna Narayanan, Ivan Lengyel, Guillaume Valentin, Laura Lleras-Forero, Stefan Schulte-Merker, Luis Morelli, Andrew Oates
11:00AM-11:05AM Group Questions
11:05AM-11:30AM Coffee Break I
11:30AM-1:00PM Session II: Mechanics, Mineralization, and Mechanobiology
11:30AM-11:50AM Bone without minerals: The central role of phosphorous in teleost skeletal mineralization
Eckhard Witten, Ramon Fontanillas, Ann Huysseune, Charles McGurk, Alex Obach, Matthew A. G. Owen
11:50AM-12:10PM Development, ultrastructure and mechanics of shark and ray tessellated cartilage, Nature’s curious alternative to bone
Mason N Dean, Ronald Seidel, A Jayasankar, Michael Blumer, A Hosny, James Weaver, David Knoetel, Daniel Baum, Peter Fratzl
12:10PM-12:30PM Retinoic acid signaling is required for segmental notochord sheath ossification during zebrafish vertebral column development
Hans-Martin Pogoda, Lea Schneiders, Iris Riedl-Quinkerts, Joshua Waxman, Rodney Dale, Laura Lleras-Forero, Stefan Schulte-Merker, Matthias Hammerschmidt
12:30PM-12:50PM Lost in evolution: Novel form of modeling bypasses the need for osteocytes in the adaptation of bones to mechanical loading
Lior Ofer, Elazar Zelzer, Ron Shahar
1:00PM-1:40PM Lunch
1:40PM-3:10PM Session III: Genetics of Musculoskeletal Disease I: Collagens and OI
1:40PM-2:00PM microCT-based skeletal phenomics in zebrafish reveals virtues of deep phenotyping at the whole-organism scale
Matthew Hur, Charlotte Gistelinck, Philippe Huber, Jane Lee, Marjorie Thompson, Adrian Monstad-Rios, Claire Watson, Sarah McMenamin, Andy Willaert, David Parichy, Paul Coucke, Ronald Kwon
2:00PM-2:20PM Phenomic analysis of zebrafish type I collagen mutants reveals a spectrum of skeletal phenotypes mimicking the clinical variability in human brittle bone disease
Charlotte Gistelinck
, Ronald Kwon, Fransiska Malfait, Sofie Symoens, Petra Vermassen, Hanna De Saffel, Katrin Henke, Matthew Harris, Anne De Paepe, MaryAnn Weis, David Eyre, Paul Coucke, Andy Willaert
2:20PM-2:40PM Use of chemical chaperones to target cellular stress in Chihuahua, a zebrafish model of dominant osteogenesis imperfecta
Francesca Tonelli, R Gioia, I Ceppi, M Biggioigera, S Fisher, T Schinke, S Leikin, A Rossi, A Forlino
2:40PM-2:55PM Quantitative 3D‐morphometry of vertebra reveals severe pathological changes in an osteogenesis imperfecta zebrafish model carrying a collagen type I glycine substitution
Imke AK Fiedler, Petar Milovanovic, Roberta Gioia, Francesca Tonelli, Katharina Jähn, Antonella Forlino, Björn Busse
 2:55PM-3:10PM Modelling skeletal aspects of Stickler syndrome in zebrafish
Elizabeth Lawrence, Karen Roddy, Erika Kague, Chrissy Hammond
3:10PM-3:30PM Science Slam: Oral Poster Session II
3:10PM-3:15PM Initial validation of zebrafish as model for Holt-Oram syndrome
M Leonor Cancela, Débora Varela, Natércia Conceição
3:15PM-3:20PM Intramuscular bones of the Atlantic herring fish as a new model to establish the link between mineral-related parameters and micro-mechanical properties at early stages of tissue maturation
Imke AK Fiedler, Baptiste Depalle, Andre Duarte, Xizhe Zhao, Luis Cardoso, Shi Jin, Jean-Philippe Berteau 
3:20PM-3:25PM A micro-computed tomography study of lateral plates in threespine stickleback
Elisabeth Wiig, Janne Reseland, L Asbjørn Vøllestad, Kjartan Østbye, Håvard Haugen
3:25PM-3:30PM Group Questions
3:30PM-3:50PM Coffee Break II
3:50PM-5:05PM Session IV: Genetics of Musculoskeletal Disease II: Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis, and Beyond
3:50PM-4:10PM GPATCH1 and AKAP11 identified by targeted resequencing and evaluation of osteogenic mineralization in zebrafish and MC3T3-E1 cells
Vincent KF Cheng, Grace KY Lee, CL Cheung
4:10PM-4:25PM CRISPR-Cas9 lrp5 knock-out zebrafish as a model for developmental diseases of bone mass
Ram Harari, Chen Shochat Carvalho, David Karasik
4:25PM-4:40PM Basic Helix loop Helix transcription factor twist1a and twist1b and their involvement in the skeletal development of zebrafish
Jérémie Zappia, Thomas Windhausen, Jordan Cornet, Joerg Renn, Marc Muller
4:40PM-4:55PM Ageing zebrafish to model Osteoarthritis
Erika Kague, Karen Roddy, Roddy Skinner, Elizabeth Lawrence, Kate Robson-Brown, Chrissy Hammond
5:05PM-5:35PM Panel Discussion
5:35PM-5:45PM Student Awards
5:45PM-6:45PM Poster Session