FishBone 2021

FishBone 2021 will be a day-long workshop on Friday June 18, 2021 as part of the ECTS 2021 Digital Congress. The workshop will be a virtual event.

This day-long workshop is open to clinicians, biologists and geneticists dedicated to bone research, with a focus on fish models of human skeletal disease. The workshop seeks to encour­age inter­ac­tion between estab­lished and poten­tial fish users and bone researchers from different disciplines. All presenters are encouraged to provide background to bring participants to a basic level of understanding, as well as to present new data.

2 Feb 2021: Our preliminary schedule has been posted!

FishBone Workshop 2021 Program (all times listed are CET Central European Time)

1:00-2:20PM Session I: Elements of mineralized skeletons of aquatic organisms
Moderators: Leonor Cancela and Antonella Forlino
1:00-1:25PM Mason Dean, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
Diversity in structure and functional mechanics of mineralized skeletons
1:25-1:30PM Q&A
1:30-1:45PM Imke A.K. Fiedler, University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, Germany
Structural properties of skeletal tissues of teleost fish
1:45-2:00PM Emilie Dambroise, French Institute of Health and Medical Research, France
Cranial vault formation and FGFR3: fishing in murky waters!
2:00-2:15PM Erika Kague, University of Bristol, UK
Osteoporosis and intervertebral disc degeneration in aged zebrafish spines
2:15-2:20PM Rising Star Panel Q&A
2:20-2:30PM Break
2:30-3:50PM Session II: Growth and the musculoskeletal system: ontogeny, regeneration and cancer
Moderators: Ronald Kwon and Andy Willaert
2:30-2:55PM Jenna Galloway, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, USA
Mechanisms of tendon formation and regeneration
2:55-3:00PM Q&A
3:00-3:15PM Ryan Gray, University of Texas, USA
Understanding genetic and mechanical changes in spine development
3:15-3:30PM Sarah McMenamin, Boston College, USA
Thyroid hormone regulates proximodistal identity and patterning in fin rays
3:30-3:45PM Franziska Knopf, Universität Dresden, Germany
Extravasation of human breast cancer cells in developing zebrafish bone
3:45-3:50PM Rising Star Panel Q&A
3:50-4:00PM Break
4:00-5:20PM Session III: Genetic regulation of musculoskeletal development and disorders
Moderators: Matthew Harris and David Karasik
4:00-4:15PM D’Juan Farmer, University of Southern California, USA
Molecular and cellular control of skeletal progenitors in the zebrafish calvaria
4:15-4:30PM Claire Watson, University of Washington, USA
Regulation of muscle and bone co-development in zebrafish
4:30-4:45PM Katrin Henke, Emory University, USA
Uncovering dynamics of osteoclast signaling using zebrafish models
4:45-4:50PM Rising Star Panel Q&A
4:50-5:15PM Brendan Lee, Baylor College of Medicine, USA
Integrating zebrafish and mouse genetic modeling of candidate disease gene variants from the NIH Undiagnosed Diseases Network
5:15-5:20PM Q&A
5:20-5:30PM Break
5:30-5:55PM Session IV: Selected abstracts
5:55-6:00PM Closing Remarks