FishBone 2022 will be on May 6, 2022 as part of the ECTS 2022 Pre Congress.

This day-long workshop is open to clinicians, biologists and geneticists dedicated to bone research, with a focus on fish models of human skeletal disease. The workshop seeks to encour­age inter­ac­tion between estab­lished and poten­tial fish users and bone researchers from different disciplines. All presenters are encouraged to provide background to bring participants to a basic level of understanding, as well as to present new data.

FishBone Workshop 2022 Program (all times listed are CET Central European Time)

11:00-11:20AM Chrissy Hammond, University of Bristol, United Kingdom
Fracture repair: insights from zebrafish
11:20-11:25AM Discussion
11:25-11:45AM Matthew Warman, Harvard Medical School, USA
Zebrafish models of rare diseases
11:45-11:50AM Discussion
11:50-12:10PM Julia Charles, Harvard Medical School, USA
Osteopetrosis: from mouse to fish and back
12:10-12:15PM Discussion
12:15-12:35PM Ela Knapik, Vanderbilt School of Medicine, USA
Integrated analysis of RIC1 mutations and its phenome identifies a new craniofacial syndrome
12:35-12:40PM Discussion
12:40-1:00PM Selected Abstracts