Smart Home and Smart City Concepts

HCDE 539 | Autumn 2016 | Andrew Davidson, Rafal Kocielnik


Open Studio – December 5, 2016

In the Autumn 2016 edition of HCDE 539 – Physical Computing and Prototyping, students designed and built interactive prototypes of a smart city or smart home system.

All of the projects were implemented using the Arduino micro-controller with assorted sensors and actuators from a custom kit of parts assembled for us by The kit details are here: Arduino Kit. (Some projects used additional components, from our lab or sourced elsewhere.)

We held an open studio during the last meeting of the course (December 5, 2016) to showcase all of the projects. The Zombie Apocalypse was narrowly averted, with a lively exchange of creative, clever, and well-crafted ideas.

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The gallery below features a video demo of each project, a written report about it, and implementation files (code and schematics).

Sahil Anand Kubi A personal robot companion for your smart home Anand.pdf  
Clem Auyeung Smart Library for CLUE Board Game Share your favorite book collection with the world in real-time and be safe from zombies while reading them Auyeung.pdf
Heather Bales Bench with a Brain A smart bench: the hospitality factor that your smart city needs bales-thumb Bales.pdf
Nicole Bernardi Home Alarm System Keeping your home safe, so you don’t have to worry Bernardi.pdf
Wil Carletti Bowser’s Smart Castle Who says video games aren’t educational? Carletti.pdf
Bonnie Chinh The Apocalyptic Kitchen Just your typical smart kitchen in an apocalyptic world chinh-thumb Chinh.pdf
Brett Fuller Smart Park A fun and customizable outdoor experience in the city Fuller.pdf
Jen Giblin Spark Park A community park with safety and fun in mind Giblin.pdf
David Harris OpenBeds A real-time shelter occupancy system that displays information about vacancies in shelters, emergencies, and the temperature outside harris-thumb Harris.pdf
Charles Harris-White Parent Trap A house that allow parents to activate electronics for their kids   Harris-White.pdf
Carolyn Huynh Mood/Emoji Home System Alert “Welcome home, Carolyn, have a glass of wine.” Huynh.pdf
Spencer James Grow Room A grow room controller with integrated security system powered by Arduino James.pdf
Setu Kathawate Wireless Smarthome Control the security & lighting system of your home from your smartphone Kathawate.pdf
Mike Knauer My Automated Home The happy home automated system Knauer.pdf
Jasmine Lawrence Work Smart, Work Safe A protected, shared workspace that can be accessed by a pin code and protects the active projects against theft and the elements Lawrence.pdf
Dana Lee Beyonce’s Secret Garden A responsive garden that is as magical, fabulous, and unapologetic as Beyonce Lee.pdf
Philip Loh Hive A responsive home that is like a hive Loh.pdf
John Luetke Clue: Smart Office “Controller” Dictate. Alert. Protect. Luetke.pdf
Maya Ma A Day Fully Taken Care Of A city offering customized services automatically Ma.pdf
Gaby Madrid Smart Ballroom A smart ballroom that is adaptable to your mood madrid-thumb Madrid.pdf
Gideon Mari Home Uno-Alone A smart security system designed for the modern home Mari.pdf
Ryan Moore Smart Airport Airports don’t have to be so bad Moore.pdf
Paul Ogawa Effortless Mornings Effortlessly wake up each morning and enhance your morning routine Ogawa.pdf
Sam Pattnaik Smart Home Alert Response System Identify threats and mitigate them automatically Pattnaik.pdf
Matt Reynolds Autonomous Vehicle Ethics Simulator A game where you drive a car on a track to avoid obstacles reynolds-thumb Reynolds.pdf
Anne Schwabel Smart Bridge Protects the castle surrounded by a moat from floods, earthquakes and zombies and can let people cross to the mainland Schwabel.pdf
Vishwas Shetty Smart Refrigerator Be smart, eat smart   Shetty.pdf
Scott Sizemore Smart Sidewalks Smart sidewalks, connecting homes and connecting people, featuring LightBright glowing walkways Sizemore.pdf
Nikhil Venkatesh The Sentry A smart security and lighting system Venkatesh.pdf
Annie Wang Smart Dispatch A first responder station that recognizes smart home sensor data and wireless signals and automatically dispatches the appropriate vehicle to the scene of the emergency Wang.pdf
Lo Wheelwright Stranger Things Home Protecting the kids against the Demorgorgon through home automation wheelwright-thumb Wheelwright.pdf
Tess Wolfe-Stelzer Arduino Accessible! Integrated home security with light and audio outputs for both hearing and hearing-impaired homes Wolfe-Stelzer.pdf
Dorothy Wong The Clue Smart Kitchen Cooking safety in a murder mystery Wong.pdf
Nick Zimmer Smart Cabin An off-the-grid cabin that prepares itself for your arrival Zimmer.pdf