UWSOM Foundations Curriculum

Attendance and Absenteeism

1.    You are unwell and unable to teach a session

If you are ill or have an emergency and cannot meet your students, notify your Site Lead | Administrator and the Block | FCM Director (a site specific curriculum directory can be found on each site’s page).

3.    A student requests to take an exam earlier or later than the scheduled time

Faculty are not expected to make exceptions on an individual basis for a student to take an examination earlier or later than the scheduled time.

Allowances may be approved in advance for students with an illness, personal/family emergencies, or a registered disability which merits accommodation. In these cases, the Foundation Dean (Seattle: Assistant Dean for Student Affairs) will advise students in advance of the scheduled time.

4.    A student requests to be absent to participate in religious observances

The university supports educational accommodations for those students whose religious beliefs require they participate in recognized holy day observances. A comprehensive list of religious holidays is provided here.

The Foundations Phase schedule has been developed to minimize required activities being on major religious holidays. It is the responsibility of individual students to contact the Associate Dean for Student Affairs or the Associate Dean for Curriculum prior to the beginning of the quarter in which the religious holiday observance exists if at all possible.

At the discretion of each Foundation Dean (Seattle: Assistant Dean for Student Affairs) for the course in which the religious holiday exists, students are expected to reschedule examinations as close in time as possible to the original examination date and make up required coursework. Make-up work should not be scheduled at times when it conflicts with other courses’ schedules.

As a physician-in-training, it is important for the students to recognize the inherent tensions in balancing one’s life with the demands of their medical school education and increasing patient care responsibilities. There may be times when required components cannot be rescheduled, for example in courses operating on a compressed schedule or a pin test. The Site Lead is not expected to dramatically alter the course structure or duplicate specific sessions, examinations, or assignments. In these cases the student may be excused and the Site Lead will take into account a “no score” in determining the student’s final grade.

5.    A student is unable to attend class or take an exam due to illness or personal/family event

Students must be present for scheduled examinations except in the event of personal illness or personal/family emergencies. Permission must be granted for rescheduling an exam, and documentation may be required. The student must contact the Foundation Dean (Seattle: Assistant Dean for Student Affairs) to reschedule an examination. The block/course director and/or block/course site leader cannot provide permission for an exam reschedule.

Absence for a required activity other than a scheduled exam: If a personal illness or personal/family emergency necessitates missing a required activity, the student must contact the Foundation Dean (Seattle: Assistant Dean for Student Affairs) prior to the beginning of the scheduled activity to inform them of the situation and to make arrangements for completing the course requirements. Documentation of reason(s) for the request may be requested. It is not acceptable to send an email or leave a message with office staff.

The student should make up the missed work or a pre-approved re-scheduled examination as soon as possible. Students must not schedule make-up exams during any scheduled curricular activity and it is the student responsibility to ensure that exams are not in conflict with a required activity.

If the student is unable to make up the missed work within a short period of time, the student may receive an incomplete grade. Incomplete grades can only be given in consultation with the Associate Dean for Student Affairs (or the Associate Dean for Curriculum).

6.    A student doesn’t show up for class / an exam without approval in advance

Effective Autumn, 2018, attendance will be tracked and recorded at all sites. At the end of each block we will notify the block leaders and foundations deans of the average attendance rates for required sessions for the entire class by site, and for individual students. The College mentors will be made aware of their students’ attendance rates. We all recognize that students are unable to attend all sessions, as unexpected circumstances arise for all of us. If, however, there is a pattern of insufficient attendance in any block for a particular student, even if the overall grade in a specific block is a pass, that student may be contacted about an attendance concern, as a lack of attendance may be the result of student distress. Please note that in some blocks, regular attendance may improve a student’s overall final score in a block. If attendance impacts the grade determination in a block, this will be noted in the block syllabus.

Consult with your Site Lead (a site specific curriculum directory can be found on each site’s page) to learn more about absenteeism and handling absence requests. Site Leads will report to the Block | FCM Director on absenteeism to inform future policies and procedures in this area.