UWSOM Foundations Curriculum

Preparing for Session(s)

1.  Contact curriculum management?

Roles and major responsibility areas are listed in the table below. Individuals will often perform multiple roles depending on the number of students and resources available at each WWAMI site. A site specific curriculum directory can be found on each site’s page.

Major Responsibility Areas
Associate Dean for Curriculum Dr. Michael Ryan leads the Curriculum Office and is ultimately responsible for all Phases of UWSOM medical education. Dr. Ryan ensures comparable educational resources and assessments are deliverables at all WWAMI sites.
Block Director Individual accountable for the Block content, organization, assessment, etc., at all WWAMI sites. Responsible for final grade submission for students at all sites.
FCM Director Foundations of Clinical Medicine includes the Immersion, Primary Care Practicum, Clinical Skills, hospital-based College Tutorials, and Transition to Clerkships. Each component has an accountable Director(s) responsible for standard resources and assessments delivered at all WWAMI sites. The Director is also responsible for final grade submission for their component of the FCM course for students at all sites.
Foundations Dean This role is responsible for the smooth implementation of the Foundations curriculum at a particular WWAMI site (outside of Seattle). Recruits Site Leads and Instructors as needed to meet requirements of courses. Serves as escalation point for local issues, instructors, and personnel.In Seattle, where the number of students and faculty is larger, this role is split between the Associate Dean of Curriculum, the Associate Dean of Student Affairs and Seattle based Block | FCM Directors.
Site Lead Individuals responsible for offering a Block or a component of the Foundations of Clinical Medicine at a particular WWAMI site. Identifies needs for faculty expertise and identifies instructors to fulfill those needs.Frequently liaises with the Associate Dean for Curriculum and Associate Dean for Student Affairs who serve as escalation points for resolution of WWAMI-wide issues.
Block | FCM Administrator Supports the Block | FCM Directors in ensuring a smooth implementation and congruent curriculum at all WWAMI sites. Frequently liaises with the Director, Curriculum who serves as an escalation point for resolution of WWAMI-wide issues.
Site Administrator Staff member at a particular site responsible for assisting the Site Lead and other faculty with scheduling of local events, uploading of site-specific resources to Canvas, etc. Frequently liaises with the Director, Curriculum who serves as an escalation point for resolution of WWAMI-wide issues.

2.  Gain access to Canvas and other resources?

Block and course websites are hosted on Canvas, the UW Learning Management System. To request access, contact the your Site Administrator, listed in the site specific Curriculum Directory found on each site’s page, who has information on the session(s) you are teaching.

The Block, Thread and Theme SharePoint site is used for faculty to collaborate on the development of their curriculum and share information with each other. It is available here.

3.  Get training on how to use Canvas?

Information on the School of Medicine’s use of Canvas can be found on the SOM Academic & Learning Technologies’ UWSOM Teaching Tools site. To request Canvas training, contact somalt@uw.edu. More general Canvas training sessions are also offered by UW Information Technology at http:/www.washington.edu/itconnect/learn/tools.

4.  Access faculty development resources?

Teaching guides, research resources, career planning, and a video library of faculty development tools are available here. Additional resources are also available at:


CLIME Educator Development Modules

Faculty Development Workshops

Instructional Design Recommendations

5.  Obtain more information on the course materials and plans for the sessions?

Contact the Site Lead for your session(s), a site specific curriculum directory can be found on each site’s page.

6.  Modify the in-class resources?

In-class resources might include Canvas pages, links, files, quizzes, and/or videos stored in Mediasite, the UW SOM media platform. For basic Canvas instructions, see the SOMALT Blog here. For more detailed Canvas instructions, log on here and click the Help button to find searchable instructor guides. For basic Mediasite instructions, see the SOMALT Blog here.

7.  Get added to the email distribution list for information updates?

Email list-serves are maintained for each class year as well as site-specific lists in the Foundations Phase. Contact t5rooms@uw.edu to be added to the appropriate distribution lists.

Contact foundmed@uw.edu to be added to the faculty list-serves maintained by Curriculum.

8.  Send an email to students attending my session?

Notifications about course and block activities should be sent in email to the appropriate MS 1 or MS 2 distribution lists. Email is preferred over Canvas announcements.

Contact foundmed@uw.edu for the appropriate distribution lists.

9.  Get administrative help in preparing materials for my session?

A Site Administrator is available to assist Site Leads and local faculty with site specific needs such as Canvas, the learning management system, instructor reminders, patient confirmations, assigning instructors and students to learning groups, and proctoring exams.

Resources on Copyright:

Sources for Copyright-Free Material (including images)

Understanding Copyright

10.  Fix errors or make changes to the out-of-class resources students use to prepare?

Out-of-class resources are equivalent across all sites. Changes to out-of-class resources are subject to a change management process overseen by the Block | FCM Director. Contact the Site Lead with recommended changes (a site specific curriculum directory can be found on each site’s page).

11.  Prepare to use an audience response system for in-class polling?

Academic Affairs licenses the TurningPoint audience response system and the ResponseWare web-based response system. Information can be found here.