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Welcome to the Primary Care Practicum website for Alaska

Thank you for participating in the Primary Care Practicum for WWAMI Alaska, your time and dedication to teaching our future physicians is greatly appreciated.

Calendar for Fall 2018

  • E2017 dates:
  1. Sept 12th
  2. Sept 26th
  3. October 10th
  • E2018 dates: 
  1. October 31st
  2. November 14th
  3. November 28th
  4. December 5th

Student class schedule:


9/4/2018 – 11/2/2018 : Mind Brain and Behavior ( Neuroscience, neuroanatomy, neurology, psychiatry, sensory systems, anesthesia and pain)

11/5/2018 – 11/8/2018: Ecology of Health

11/9/2018 – 12/14/2018 : Lifecycles ( Developmental stages of life, reproductive systems, aging and end of life)


8/20/2018-8/30/2018: Immersion

9/5/2018 – 10/19/2018: Molecular and Cellular Basis of Disease ( Cell physiology, genetic diseases)

10/23/2018 – 10/26/2018: Ecology of Helath

10/29/2018 – 12/14/2018: Invaders and Defenders( Immunology and Microbiology, Infectious disease and Skin)

PCP tracker requirements for students 

E2017  TBA

E2018  TBA


STFM:(Society for Teachers of Family Medicine) Teaching Physician https://www.teachingphysician.org

Please contact me for Log in information.

AAFP CME teaching credits – upto 20 hours per year.


Faculty Appointment Information

As a Primary Care Practicum teacher you are encouraged to apply for a Clinical Faculty appointment at the University of Washington and an affiliate appointment at the University of Alaska, Anchorage. Please send a copy of your CV ( any format is fine) and a completed WWAMI Clinical Faculty Appointment Applications to Trina at skboyce@alaska.edu

WWAMI Clinical Faculty Appointment Application Form

UWSOM Malpractice and Liability Agreement

For additional resources on WWAMI Faculty Appointments, visit this page. If you still have unanswered questions, contact Miranda Olsen at wwamiapt@uw.edu.

PCP Contact

Kathy Case, kecase2@alaska.edu, PCP Director